Swimming Lessons in Istanbul

Professional swimming lessons for men, women and children in Istanbul.

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Go Swim Istanbul instructors are professional and experienced swimming instructors for adults and children. 

We also have male and women swimming instructors on request. 

Our swimming lessons are located in different locations of Istanbul. 

Our swimming lessons are available in English, Arabic and Turkish language. 

Why Go Swim Istanbul?

At Go Swim Istanbul we have years of experience in giving swimming lessons in Istanbul to children and adults. We have the best professional swimming instructors that speaks English, Arabic and Turkish. 

We are located in multiple locations in Istanbul, making it easy for our swimming students across Istanbul. 

If you have any questions about swimming classes, let us know by messaging us on WhatsApp. 

Remember swimming is not just a sport, it is also a way of life to keep our body and mind healthy and strong in the long run. Our swimming lessons are meant to equip our students with what is important for their long term fitness. 

Swimming Course Certificate Levels

beginner swimming course lessons training

Blue Dolphin

Begginers - Level 1

freestyle swimming course lessons training istanbul

Bronze Dolphin

Freestyle - level 2

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backstroke swimming course lessons training

Silver Dolphin

Backstroke - level 3

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breaststroke swimming course lessons training

Gold Dolphin

Breaststroke - level 4

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butterfly swimming course lessons training Istanbul

Diamond Dolphin

Butterfly - level 5

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Professional swimming course lessons training Istanbul

Platinum Dolphin

Professional all around skills for swimming - level 6

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Other Certificate Training Courses

life guard course Istanbul lesson training istanbul

Assistant Lifeguard

Intensive lifeguard course

Free diving course Istanbul lesson training

Free Driving

Professional free diving course

Scuba diving course Istanbul lesson training

Scuba Diving

Professional scuba diving course

Swimming Lessons in Istanbul

Baby Swimming Course

Professional swimming course for babies

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Swimming Lessons in Istanbul

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