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Platinum Dolphin Swimming Certificate

Professional swimming course lessons training Istanbul

The swimmer at this level masters the four swimming skills (freestyle – back – chest – butterfly).

learn in it.

Butterfly legs hands chest

2 Head jumping well, freestyle swimming with a freestyle, and completing the freestyle for a distance of 50 metres

3 Backstart backstroke and backswimming continuation of 50m

4 Good head jumping and breaststroke swimming with a butterfly swim wrap for a distance of 50 meters

5 Well head jumping and butterfly swimming with the Butterfly Swimming Wrap and the Butterfly Swimming Supplement

6 Head jumping and individual swimming (butterfly / back / / freestyle)

Complete for all movements

7 Swimming in four movements for a distance of 100 meters and measuring the pulse every 25 meters

8 Mastering ten movement exercises in how swimming movements

9 Head jumping and swimming well under water for a distance of no less than 15 meters

10 Knowledge of socially diverse professional skills skills

Training is 2 to 3 sessions per week in the best private pools with the best coaches

Professional swimming lessons in Istanbul for men, women and children in Istanbul.

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