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عطلات النشاط إسطنبول

how do you spend Activity Holidays Istanbul? How do you enjoy spending the most beautiful times during the summer? Istanbul is one of the most important global cities for tourism.

As it is characterized by a wide range of tourism activities that help you spend enjoyable times in the company of your friends or family. If you are one of the people who enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, swimming and diving in the depths, then Istanbul is your most suitable choice.

Let us take you through the center deep dive Take a tour to get to know the most important Tourist areas in Turkey For the most beautiful holidays in the charming city of Istanbul.

Where do we spend activity holidays Istanbul?

Istanbul is characterized by the most beautiful charming sea view thanks to its strategic location that overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Black Sea and the Bosphorus Strait, not to mention its distinctive and mild climate that helps you spend an unforgettable holiday.

Activity Holidays Istanbul

Beaches in Istanbul

And because we are all looking for calm and comfort, sandy beaches and water sports are the perfect place to spend fun times, to get to know the most beautiful Beaches in Istanbul:

1- Nakibey Aile Plaj Tesisleri

do you know that Nakki Bey Istanbul Beach Which of the most famous coastal beaches will give you fun times? Nakki Bey Istanbul Beach is one of the beaches with a charming view. The beach is located on Buyuk Ada, the largest island ever among Princesses Island Istanbul, located off the coast of Istanbul.

It is also one of the mixed beaches and the most popular among local families and Arab and foreign visitors coming to Istanbul to spend their summer and annual holidays. You can also practice many distinctive water activities, the most important of which are:

  • Diving In Nakki Bey Beach, Istanbul

can practice scuba diving In the depths of the Marmara Sea, which is full of the most beautiful charming waterscapes, which carry in its depths many treasures dating back to the past centuries. It also features a variety of aquatic life that will give you the opportunity to get to know these creatures closely.

  • water sailing

Who does not love riding in small watercraft that will give you a wonderful and unparalleled time, where you can enjoy riding the water sails and looking at the beaches from the opposite side. Not to mention the fun experience by kayaking in the small boats and enjoying the charming splashes of water.

  • Swimming at Nakki Beh Beach

If you are a fan of swimming In the seas, Nakki Bay Beach is the perfect choice, as it is characterized by clear and clear waters and soft white sand free of disturbing rocks. There are also many trained lifeguards on the beach.

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2- Kilios Beach, Istanbul (Kumköy)

It is one of the charming beaches with the most beautiful and distinctive sea view. The beach is located on the European side of Istanbul, 30 km from Istanbul city center in Turkey overlooking the Black Sea.

Kilios Istanbul Beach is distinguished by its charming golden sand and pure turquoise waters that will help you swim and dive in its depths to see the most beautiful marine creatures. You can also do the following activities:

  • Camping trips in Kilyos

surroundKilios Beach, Istanbul The enchanting forests of Belgrade, which extends over about 5,500 hectares of forest and embraces many birds, animals, plants and trees, especially the distinctive oak trees.

Many people resort to spending camping trips within the lap of nature, which provides them with calm and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Do not hesitate to spend some fun times with your friends inside this distinctive forest and enjoy a unique barbecue party.

  • Water boating

It is one of the most popular water activities in this beach, where many races and fun activities in rowing and riding water boats are held in the many centers available in the area.

  • Swimming in Kilios

There is nothing more beautiful than swimming in Kilios Beach, Istanbul, thanks to the beautiful clear turquoise waters that overlook the golden sands of the beach, and the quiet hobby of fishing can be practiced on one of its rocky beaches.

Swimming and diving in Istanbul

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Caddebostan Plajı Beach

If you are thinking of Istanbul activity holidays, you can not make an exception Jade Beach, Bostan IstanbulIt is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Asian side, in Kadikoy.

The most distinctive feature of this wonderful beach is that it is located in an area that is considered one of the charming areas distinguished by the picturesque crystal waters, not to mention the presence of vast green spaces surrounding it to increase its beauty and brilliance. Among the most important activities that you can do in Jedda Bostan Istanbul Beach:

  • Swimming in Jidda, Bostan

For all those who want to learn to swim, Jidda Bostan beach is the best, because it is characterized by its many depths, which makes it suitable for everyone, especially beginners, not to mention the clean and charming waters.

  • deep Diving

You can’t miss this amazing opportunity anddeep Diving Sea. Where there are many diving centers that help you dive and learn about marine life and explore caves and treasures submerged in the depths.

  • sitting on the beach

If you are looking for comfort and enjoy lying on the golden sands, we can not fail to mention this distinctive beach, as it is one of the most beautiful beaches that helps you to relax and enjoy spending hours of calm and comfort under the warm sunshine.

Camping trips in Istanbul

Away from the beaches and swimming If you are escaping from the noise of the city and looking for rest, camping trips in the lap of nature are the perfect place for you. Where the city of Istanbul is distinguished by its inclusion of a group of camping centers The most important of them are:

Camping trips in Istanbul

1- Eidos Forest Camp in Istanbul

The camp is one of the most beautiful and charming areas in Istanbul, as it is characterized by thick pine forests that surround a calm and beautiful lake. It is an ideal place to spend quality times with friends.

And if you are looking for a place for fishing Wild fishing, cycling and water sports, hiking and barbecuing, this camp is perfect.

2- camp Chilingoos Urmanchi at Istanbul

One of the most beautiful charming camps that help you spend a special holiday in the charming city of Istanbul, it is 17 km from the city center. You can spend magical times with your friends and families, as it contains pine trees dating back hundreds of years.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Istanbul activity holidays cost?

Istanbul is one of the cheap and affordable tourist cities where you can spend special times on the beaches or in camping places with small amounts of money.

Are there places to spend special holidays for women?

Of course, there is where the city of Istanbul is predominantly Islamic, so we see many private beaches for women, such as Florya Menekci Beach

What are the activities available at the Free Dive Center for Activities in Istanbul?

The Free Dive Center helps you to provide the most beautiful camping trips in Istanbul and also helps you provide opportunities for diving in the deep sea, accompanied by the most specialized trainers.


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