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أفضل الرحلات في اسطنبول

What are the best excursions in Istanbul? We have always heard this question from many friends who went to visit Istanbul, as they are constantly looking for the best places to spend the most beautiful time with friends or family.

Istanbul is one of the wonderful cities that has many tourist places, which are among the most attractive cities for tourists from all over the world.

From this point, the Free Dive team ranked first in Istanbul To teach diving skills And swimming collecting the most important places Tourist in Istanbul To help you spend the best cruise full of exciting adventures.

Best excursions in Istanbul

Istanbul has many special places that make you spend the most beautiful times, because it is located in a strategic location on the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Black Sea and the Phosphorous Strait, which is one of the most beautiful natural areas.

Not to mention the beauty of its distinctive beaches, crystal clear and clear waters, and the softness of its golden sand, which enables you to spend the most beautiful times on the beach, enjoying the golden sun.

Istanbul also has natural places that help you spend special times in the lap of nature away from the city’s ambiance and hustle through wonderful camping trips. And for all lovers water sports Full of excitement and suspense, Istanbul also includes many points to ride a parachute Safely with a group of the most skilled trainers.

Best excursions in Istanbul

The advantages of spending a holiday in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the civilized cities equipped with many tourist services that give you special times, not to mention the special prices. It is characterized by its free beaches that have a special beauty, which is a mixture between European beauty and oriental charm, where you can relax and practice some wonderful water sports, and the availability of many features The wonderful, which are represented by:

  • Istanbul has convenient public transportation at low prices that will connect you to all points of advantage to spend the best trips in Istanbul.
  • Turkish cuisine is considered one of the famous kitchens all over the world, as it includes a variety of delicious dishes with unparalleled flavors.
  • And for all the ladies who want to spend special times, Turkey includes a group of beaches and swimming pools for women that help them spend special times.
  • Istanbul is distinguished by its inclusion of a group of deep-sea diving points and special centers for training in free diving and scuba diving with the help of the most skilled trainers in the world.
  • There are also many points dedicated to fishing in Istanbul, in addition to the skill of teaching spearfishing.
  • And do not forget to mention the camping places and centers, where the Free Dive Center helps you to provide the best services for camping trips and spend magical times in the picturesque natural atmosphere with friends or family.
  • For lovers of interesting adventures, you can practice parachute jumping in a distinctive and charming way so that you can see the city of Istanbul from the top and take the most beautiful pictures to remain unforgettable souvenir photos.

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The most beautiful beaches in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is distinguished by its many wonderful and picturesque beaches, which are characterized by their charming nature and breathtaking beauty, in addition to the cleanliness of its crystal waters.

Istanbul has a number of wonderful sandy European and Asian beaches characterized by complete calm to spend special times under the golden sun. Among the best beaches in Istanbul are:

1- Caddebostan plaji beach

Jedda Bostan Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul because of its cleanliness and clean, multi-depth waters. It is also well serviced by many tables, sun chairs and umbrellas.

Located very beach bostan On the Asian side of the city, and in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul specifically, it consists of three beaches, two of which are public, and the third is private.

And when you visit this wonderful beach, you can enjoy walking, sitting on the designated seats, and enjoying the charming views, as you can Learn swimming In the waters of Jidda Beach, Bostan, which is characterized by multiple depths, so it is suitable for beginners and professionals.

2- Florya Gunes Beach, Istanbul

To spend the best trips in Istanbul, Florya Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. It is located in the west of Istanbul in the Florya region, and it can be accessed by metrobus or municipal buses.

Florya Beach has the most beautiful scenic landscape, where you can sit and inhale the gentle cool breezes on Florya Beach, especially when the sea embraces the sun at sunset, and you can also stroll among the vast green spaces decorated with colorful flowers and bursting with huge old trees in the Florya Coast Park, opposite the beach.

Not to mention swimming in the blue waters, surfing and enjoying the magic of its wonderful nature. There are also diving centers to see the most beautiful marine creatures and underwater landscapes.

3- Sayer Altınkum Beach

For all women who are looking for places dedicated to spending special times, this beach is your best choice, as Sayer Al-Tankum Beach has the most beautiful charming landscapes and wonderful turquoise waters, where they can enjoy a fun and relaxing day under the sun. It is also equipped with the best amenities, with dressing rooms suitable for women, as well as a high-level medical team to handle emergency cases.

The most beautiful beaches in Istanbul

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The best cruise activities

Cruises have many wonderful features that help you spend wonderful times in the middle of the sea with friends or family, and get to know the scenic landmarks of Istanbul from afar.

There are many luxury yachts that provide all amenities to spend comfortable and distinguished times that offer distinguished paragraphs of dance, music and loud parties, in addition to providing all the seafood and luxurious dinners.

What are the most beautiful areas for camping trips in Istanbul?

1. Kilyos Camp.
2. Çilingoz Camp.
3. Village Coast Camp Sahil Kamp İstanbul.
4. Camp before sunset Günbatmadan Kamp.
5. Eidos Forest Camp in Istanbul.

What are the best beaches for women in Istanbul?

1. Poyraz Koi Beach
2. Florya Minicchi Beach
3. Marmara Beach in Tekirdag
4. Essin Koi Beach

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The Free Dive Center has many distinguished services that provide you with training courses to learn swimming, free diving, scuba diving, and learning the skill of fishing accompanied by the most skilled trainers. The center also provides you with many camping trips to the lap of the picturesque nature.


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