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The idea camping Going out into nature, its calmness, its open air and its adventures makes this idea crazy and worth trying, especially in the heart of nature in Istanbul, where the land is connected to the sea and the forests are connected to the mountains and the sound of rivers descending from the highest mountains makes Istanbul a destination for tourists who want peace and tranquility in the arms of nature.

What do you know about camping in Istanbul?

Camping in Istanbul

Camping in Istanbul is a destination for local, Arab and foreign tourists because of its charming and imaginary tourist places in the mountains, forests, sea beaches and rivers, especially with family and friends and even alone.

Istanbul is a city full of places visited by local and foreign visitors from museums, gardens and restaurants, and what distinguishes Istanbul in all that crowding is the charming nature that the visitor can camp in, which is abundant in Istanbul and its suburbs.

What distinguishes flights most Camping in Istanbul They are the various camping places between land and sea and between winter and summer, where the visitor can practice his hobbies from surfing to cycling to fishing to climbing and meditation, and there are many other hobbies that the visitor discovers during his visit to these places.

Mis it? Advantages of camping in nature?

  • Camping in the fresh air helps to get rid of diseases that may affect humans by living in cities.
  • Camping trips outside the cities are things that help digestion and gain the digestive system immunity against bacteria that enter our bodies, breathe clean air and improve blood pressure.
  • The process of relaxing while camping gives the body and mind in particular positive energy to return and continue to work again.
  • One of the benefits of camping in nature is that the body gets all the vitamins it needs from sunlight.
  • Camping also helps improve mood and get rid of depression.
  • Camping outside the cities improves family ties between family members, by sitting together away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Among the advantages of camping in nature: contact with nature, especially the charming nature of Istanbul, with its sea, mountains, forests, calmness and embrace with each other, gave it an advantage over other tourist destinations.
  • What distinguishes camping: the fresh air, the clarity of the sky at night, the smell of delicious food, sleeping in the lap of nature, the nature of the place, the adventures and difficulties that the visitor faces during the trip make the word camping have its own magic on the ear.

What are the safety rules for camping in Istanbul?

There are rules for the safety of visitors and places to visit. These rules for visitors to adhere to while camping to preserve human life and nature at the same time are:

Camping in Istanbul

Fire is nature’s greatest enemy if the visitor does not know how to use it

  1. Fire is a major danger when camping. Campfires, barbecues, gas cans, and camping stoves all need to be handled with care.
  2. The campers should cook outside the tent, not inside it, because it is possible that a gas leak has occurred inside the tent, which will lead to the burning of the tent and thus the fire will spread to the forest if the situation is not rectified.
  3. It is recommended to study the place where the tent will be built, in broad daylight, in order to study the area around the tent.
  4. Ensure that a safety distance is taken between the tents – at least 6 meters between the tent and the other – in order to avoid the spread of fire quickly if it occurs.
  5. Check your cooking stove before camping to make sure it is safe.
  6. Do not change the gas canisters for the stove inside the tent but outside the tent, making sure nothing flammable is used inside the tent.
  7. Pay attention to ignition devices and keep them out of the reach of children.
  8. Pay attention to the open flame inside the tent.
  9. Review the fire and barbecue rules in your tent, and make sure that the fires, stoves, gas lamps and barbecues are outside the tent.
  10. Taking into account camping near the water for fear of fire accidents.

What are the best camping spots in Istanbul?

Here are the best camping spots in Istanbul:

The locks garden (çilingir): In this place, you can set up your camp in the camp facing the sea, and you can also practice the hobby of paragliding.

Click here to go to its location on Google Map

UçmakdereIt is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the city of Tekirdag, and it includes the sea and the forest near Istanbul. You can do several activities on the beach, such as walking, surfing, swimming, jogging and skydiving.

To go to its location on Google Map, click here

Seven lakes (Yedigöller): It is a huge natural place with seven lakes, plants, small waterfalls and thermal springs, and this area has a special charm, especially in the autumn you can camp in 7 different lakes in Yedigöller National Park.

and its location on google map

Yenisey ormanları forestsIt is a group of interconnected forests, one of the most wonderful forests of Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, and you can practice mountain climbing in it.

and its location on google map

Kiyikoy It is one of the most important tourist destinations near Istanbul, 164 kilometers away from it. If you want to live the best moments of your summer, you must go to it. Do not miss going to the lovers hill Aşıklar Tepesi, which is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit with your loved one, and also provides you with the opportunity to camp. For a wonderful view.

its location on google map

Burnley Plateau (Burnley Platosu) located in the Gölyaka district of Düzce, where all the colors of nature meet each other and is one of the most camping places.

and its location on google map

Camping in Istanbul

List of all the places that people go to camp in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a charming country with its picturesque nature and all its components, but there are areas that have given Istanbul a distinctive charm of another kind, namely:

Camping in Istanbul is safe?

Camping in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular is safe because of the spread of awareness in the camps and the publication of safety bulletins and the causes of forest fires before camping.

Is camping in Istanbul free?

There are many free places and sites in Istanbul, and there are other paid sites, but with that, their wages are low compared to other countries and range between $5-30 per day only.

What are the tips for camping?

There are tips for visitors to adhere to in order to live the most beautiful moments of camping without inconvenience. Equipment and means of subsistence: Provides the means of survival such as food, clothing, shelter and some first aid. Knowing directions: identifying directions, knowing places of water and camping sites. Appreciating nature and its beauty: while enjoying the landscape and the scents of pinewood and flowers, it is soothing for the eyes and the nervous system. Hard working and not lazy. Working makes you tired during camping and construction, but it makes you comfortable during the rest of your trip, and if you don’t work hard while camping, it makes you vulnerable to visitors from animals and insects. How good the food tastes after a long day in the open air: the cheap kind of food, in nature it becomes fine dining. Respecting the wilderness: By cleaning around the camp and in the tent by collecting garbage in bags and placing them in their designated places. Staying away from technology: By separating all kinds of technology devices in your moments of living with nature. Self-confidence: by relying on yourself to solve the problems and difficulties you face.

What are the recommendations for campers for the first time?

Familiarity with the equipment you carry: to be familiar with the equipment you carry and how to use it. Owning a tent enough for camping: It is one of the basics of camping because you go out to camp for rest and recreation, and there are enough spaces for you and those with you within the tent. Make a list of camping gear: It’s not good after you get to the camping site to discover that you’ve forgotten some of your camping gear. Arrive at the camp early: Because you are camping for the first time, you should go early to the camping site to discover the site, build the tent, collect firewood, etc. Planning for cooking: the camp for the first time should plan how many meals and what meals before and during camping. Knowing the rules of the camp in which you are camping: Because you are new to camping, you must take into account the rules of camping and the privacy of others, from the noise, clamor, throwing rubbish, and setting random fires. Bring sufficient and appropriate clothing: Before you go out to camp, you must prepare the appropriate camp clothing. Knowing the weather conditions before going out to the camp: through the news bulletins and the location of the camp you are going to.

What is camping equipment?

There are personal supplies for a camping trip that are essential to have with you while you are camping in the nature and they are:
backpack bag
Hand bag.
Flashlight. hat.
A tool for igniting a fire and being water resistant.
Insect first aid kit.
Lip balm.
Charger. battery.
GPS device.
safety pins.
Books, newspaper, stationery.
Water bottle.
camping knife.
eating utensils
كوب للشرب.u003cbru003eالأدوية الشخصية.u003cbru003eكراسي.u003cbru003eكيس للملابس المتسخة.u003cbru003eموقد وسائل إشعال.u003cbru003eطاولة قابلة للطي/مفرش مائدة.u003cbru003eحطب.u003cbru003eأدوات طهي مناسبة.u003cbru003eمناديل ورقية.u003cbru003eأكياس للنفايات.u003cbru003eحاملات للقدور/واقيات من الحرارة.u003cbru003eمفتاح أغطية فلين.u003cbru003eرقائق قصدير شديدة التحمل .u003cbru003eResealable Bags.u003cbru003eDishwashing Soap.u003cbru003eCleaning Sponges.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the prices of equipment for camping in Istanbul?u003c/strongu003e

تختلف الأسعار الحقائب من بلد لأخر ولكن في اسطنبول الأسعار تعد زهيدة مفارنة بغيرها :u003cbru003eتكلف حقائب الظهر u003cstrongu003e10 u003c/strongu003eلترات u003cstrongu003e3-4 u003c/strongu003eدولارات.u003cbru003eحقائب الظهر سعة u003cstrongu003e20 u003c/strongu003eلتر من u003cstrongu003e6 u003c/strongu003eإلى u003cstrongu003e7 u003c/strongu003eدولارات.u003cbru003eحقائب الظهر u003cstrongu003e40 u003c /strongu003eلتر تكلف u003cstrongu003e15-20u003c/strongu003e دولار.u003cbru003eحقائب الظهر سعة u003cstrongu003e50 u003c/strongu003eلتر تكلفu003cstrongu003e 20-25u003c/strongu003e دولارا.u003cbru003eحقائب الظهر سعة u003cstrongu003e60 u003c/strongu003eلتر تكلف u003cstrongu003e25-27u003c/strongu003e دولارا.u003cbru003eوهناك حقائب تباع بأقل من u003cstrongu003e2 u003c/strongu003eدولار و Up to u003cstrongu003e100 u003c/strongu003e and some bags with full gear and camping essentials.

Which is better, winter or summer for camping in Istanbul?

u003cstrongu003e Winter u003c/strongu003e Istanbul is a great season u003ca href=u0022 https://deepdive.ist/services/trip-camping/u0022u003e for camping u003c/au003e because it is quieter than summer camp.u003cbru003e Because of its cold and snowy winter. u003cbru003e It also has its own goers, all people can go out u003cemu003e to camp u003c/emu003e in the summer but not everyone can camp in winter, and the landscape in winter is completely different from summer, from the white dress of nature to the frozen lakes and rivers to the trees taking off their leaves, all of this makes camping in Istanbul has its own charm in the winter season.u003cbru003e You can practice winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and other sports as well.u003cbru003e Summer also has its flavor and its visitors and pioneers, where nature wears the most beautiful and beautiful ornaments and smells the aromatic flowers and pine trees that tower over the clouds and the sounds of water streams With the sound of birds, all this, and nature has many advantages that you will be able to discover by camping in their arms.u003 cbru003eYou can also do a lot of the talents you have from u003ca href=u0022 https://deepdive.ist/services/swimming-teaching/u0022u003e u003c/au003e swimming, biking, surfing, meditation and enjoying the magical landscapes from the connection of land with sea.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the rules for camping in Istanbul?u003c/strongu003e

Pay attention to camping near the water for fear of fire accidents. u003cbru003e Pay attention to smoking inside the tent. of water for fear of fire accidents.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the most beautiful camping spots in Istanbul?u003c/strongu003e

The most beautiful camping places in Istanbul are: u003cbru003eUçmakdere 1.u003cbru003eÇilingoz 2.u003cbru003eYedigöller 3.u003cbru003eYenice Forests 4.u003cbru003eKıyıkoy 5.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the best places to camp in Istanbul?u003c/strongu003e

The best camping spots in Istanbul are: u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003e1. Locksmiths (çilingir) u003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eu003cstrongu003e2.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eUçmakdereu003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eu003cstrongu003e3. Burnley Plateauu003c/strongu003e (Burnley Platosu)

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