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Camping trips for kids in IstanbulCamping trips with children are fun things for them and for you, meaning there is nothing more beautiful than spending quality time with children away from any source of technology. When you go on a camping trip with children, you will discover new talents for them, hobbies and other things.

The presence of children in the arms of nature enhances their confidence, increases their strength, sense of responsibility, learn about plants, and practice some activities that increase their abilities and make them more connected with nature and empty their energies, in addition to spending fun times and taking the adventures they desire with their parents.

Today we are going to talk about the best places to doCamping trips for kids in Istanbul What are the necessary supplies and tips.

Benefits of camping for kids in Istanbul

Have you ever tried Camping trips for kids in Istanbul With your children and enjoy time with them?

toCamping trips for kids in Istanbul The benefits are many, and doing such an experiment will increase family bonds and create a wonderful feeling for children, and one of the most important benefits is Camping trips for kids in Istanbul she:

  1. Camping has many positive benefits for children, as it enhances their abilities, strengthens their connection with nature, and makes them more careful.
  2. doCamping trips for kids in Istanbul It enhances your child’s well-being, reduces stress, unleashes his energies, and enables him to discover new things and go on great adventures.
  3. Camping has many benefits for children in terms of psychological, health, physical and social as well.
  4. grow Camping trips for kids in Istanbul Their abilities and teach them basic survival and survival skills, and give them the ability to face some obstacles that they may face, such as emergency situations, setting and extinguishing fires, and maintaining their safety.
  5. Learn about some types of harmful and poisonous plants and how to deal with them, in addition to preserving nature and not approaching rare plants and others.
  6. help Camping trips for kids in Istanbul To encourage creativity, the presence of the child in nature encourages his creative imagination and stimulates him to innovate.
  7. Children respect nature and learn how to deal with it and with some insects, animals and birds that reside in the forests or mountains.
  8. Camping increases the child’s confidence because of his self-reliance away from his own room and breaking his fears, as sleeping in nature is not easy for them.
  9. help Camping trips for kids in Istanbul To form new friendships with children because of their contact with other children who are with them in the camp.
Camping trips in Istanbul

Places for kids camping trips in Istanbul

1. Sile Indian Village/ Istanbul

Şile is an area in beautiful Istanbul and is one of the most wonderful tourist areas in Istanbul to doCamping trips for kids in Istanbul It is famous for several things related to history, culture and nature. It is famous for its picturesque sea and calm nature. There are also many sub-areas and villages in Sheila. It is possible to practice fishing and teach it to children, in addition to visiting its lighthouse that dates back to the Ottoman era. This lighthouse has a breathtaking view and also has a beautiful garden and you can have fun on the beaches The magnificent, the amazing sea, and a visit to the Lighthouse Museum

Kids camping trips in Istanbul

2. Kiyikoy Camp

It is a coastal town in Kirklareli county that is distinguished by its natural beauty and is a great camping area ideal for doingCamping trips for kids in Istanbul Where you can pitch your tent right next to the lake. Where you will spend a special time with your family and is characterized by its European atmosphere, which will make you feel as if you are in Europe, especially since the camping areas are very elegant. Many wonderful activities can be practiced with children such as cycling, walking, swimming and others.

3. Igneada Longoz . Forest

Igneada Longoz Forest is one of the most beautiful camping areas in Istanbul and doCamping trips for kids in Istanbul The national park is located in the Demirkoy district of Kırklareli province. It covers an area of ​​3,155 hectares and the forest is divided into two zones where there are lakes, reeds and forests in the southern part and the northern part.

Within the southern part there are dense forests and Saka Lake, Longuz forests, Deniz Lake, Reeds, Pigeon Lake, Mert Lake and Bedina Lake.

And in the northern part of the forest there are Longoz, Erikli Lake and Reed forests. The most beautiful major tree species in the Igneada Longoz forests are; Hornbeam, ash, elm, beech, dogwood, stem oak, elderberry, stemless oak, alder, low maple, linden, sycamore, maple and mountain ash.

4. Kerpe KAMP in Istanbul

Kerpe KAMP camp is located near the city of Istanbul and has many places to visit around that make it an ideal camping area. Its beautiful beaches and wonderful atmosphere make it a great choice to do With kids camping trips in Istanbul Being close to nature, in the evening you will have the opportunity to sleep with the sound of sea waves.

During the day, you will be able to swim, dive in the sea and enjoy the sea, as there are wooded areas for camping and pitching your tent, you can choose the most suitable area for you here

Kerpe KAMP camp has many sports activities, especially in the camping area, which are suitable for children and adults.

Tips and advice for children’s camping trips in Istanbul

When you decide to do With kids camping trips in Istanbul You must take some things into consideration and be more accurate in bringing camping supplies. The most important tips that you must follow are:

  1. In the beginning, you must choose the place that you will go to in proportion to the ages of your children, in addition to making sure whether the place of residence is rented or not, in addition to the presence of facilities for selling food and necessities.
  2. Check the weather for several days or for a week if the camping period is long.
  3. Choose your equipment and equipment that you will take with you such as lighting devices, battery chargers and other devices that you will need.
  4. In order not to forget anything, we advise you to write down all the requirements for you and your children and make sure of them before packing the luggage and setting off for a trip.
  5. Make sure to bring all the extra clothes, toys and entertainment tools your children need, in addition to making sure that there are some medicines that your child may need.
  6. Bring the emergency fund and make sure that there are painkillers, some sterilizers, and basic medicines that you may need.
  7. Choose a suitable place for camping so that you can spend quality time with your children, and you should choose a good tent that accommodates all family members.

The most important frequently asked questions about camping trips for children in Istanbul

Are there programs for camping trips for children in Free Dive?

Yes, of course, we have excellent programs for camping trips. The camping trip in our center includes many activities, starting in the morning of the first day and ending in the evening of the third day.
On the second day, the recreational diving program is practiced from nine in the morning until five in the evening
Each person provides a pajama + chair + tent for every two people
The program includes many activities such as reconnaissance, teamwork, barbecue and sports activities.
Coming and coming back is provided with the latest comfortable modern cars to and from your residence

What are the advantages of camping trips for children in Istanbul at the Free Dive Center?

We are distinguished in our center that we work within special and organized programs and we provide everything you need in addition to the presence of many events and activities that suit children and that give them a lot of knowledge and get to know nature closer.

What are the prices of camping trips for children in Istanbul?

We have many programs for camping trips and the trip, including all expenses for food, drink and dessert, and the prices are:
1. A camping trip for three days and two nights with a diving program and the cost price per person is $330 per person
2. Camping program for 3 days, 2 nights, without diving, and it costs $230 per person
3. Camping program for one day and two nights $230 per person
4. Two days and one night camping trip with diving program $150 per person

Are there unpaid camps in Istanbul?

Yes, of course, there are many unpaid camps, but they may lack some things and facilities that you need. In addition, if you want to go on a camping trip with the family and the presence of children, it is better to look for a place that provides you with what you may need with your children.


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