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Camping trips in IstanbulCamping trips are among the most beautiful trips that can be spent with friends or family in the lap of nature at reasonable prices and without any costs and for open periods, whether you are with a guide or without a guide.

and prepare Camping trips in Istanbul It’s a fun and rejuvenating experience and a widely loved pastime where endless trails are a great way to relax and get away from life’s stresses no matter what kind of adventurer you are.

There are many types of Camping trips in Istanbul Which can be done either for adults or for the family that suits your style and which we will talk about today.

Features of camping trips in Istanbul

Do you know what are the most important features? Camping trips in Istanbul Whether with family or friends or camping alone?

Many people go to Camping trips in Istanbul To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get some rest and practice their hobbies such as fishing, cycling or climbing in addition to that Camping trips in Istanbul It may help you discover new hobbies, in addition to the many benefits that camping brings to human health and life.

Benefits Camping trips in Istanbul

  1. Camping helps to have a longer and healthier life and to have fresh air to purify the blood and lungs from polluted city air.
  2. help Camping trips in Istanbul Some people improve digestion, improve blood pressure, and speed up the immune system by inhaling pure oxygen in the morning.
  3. Reducing fatigue and helping to relax for long periods away from any stress.
  4. Obtaining vitamin D due to exposure of the skin to sunlight, which helps children and adults to strengthen bones and improve the body’s ability.
  5. Camping helps relieve depression and improve mood and is an effective treatment for people with depression and psychological conditions.
  6. provide you Camping trips in Istanbul Doing sports, whether cycling, swimming, fishing, mountain climbing, and others.
  7. Strengthen relationships and family ties by sitting and talking away from the city atmosphere and technology.
Camping trips in Istanbul

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Best places for camping trips in Istanbul

Turkey contains many beautiful and picturesque areas that can be visited and camped in, and we will mention to you one of the best camping places in Istanbul

Kilyos camp

People who want to spend a quiet holiday without leaving Istanbul prefer Kilios Camping Camp. Which allows you to watch the stars at night, especially in the summer tents set up on the beach.

Village Coast Camp Sahil Kamp İstanbul

The village coast camp is one of the most prominent camps in which to spend a good time. The village coast camp is located on the Black Sea, about 50 km from the city center.

The camp contains recreational places where you can do the activities and events you desire, such as swimming, mountain climbing or cycling, in addition to spending a beautiful evening under the moonlight and stars. The camp is also equipped with all the equipment and service means that you may need.

Çilingoz . camp

Çilingoz Nature Park is located in Istanbul, and it is a great choice for camping in the lap of nature and the sea where you can camp by the beach with its 85 meters sandy beach.

Camp before sunset Günbatmadan Kamp

Günbatmadan Kamp is located on the outskirts of the charming city of Sultans Istanbul

Eidos Forest Camp in Istanbul

The camp features dense pine forests surrounding a quiet lake and is an ideal choice for hiking, hiking with barbecues and boating.

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Winter camping trips in Turkey

Prepare Camping trips in Istanbul Winter is a wonderful and enjoyable experience, and some of the things we do can change, such as changing the destination of the place or the season in which camping can be done. A wonderful camping trip can be spent in the winter also in the tops and slopes of snowy mountains, frozen lakes, and others.

Among the most important places to spend winter camping trips are:

  1. “Ayuzpinar” camp is located in the Kolcik area in the Turkish state of Kocaeli (northwest). Nature lovers enjoy winter camping in mobile homes and tents that were set up on snow that is one meter thick.
  2. Erciyes Dağı – Kayseri . Mount Erciyes
  3. Kızlar Sivrisi – Antalya . Peak
  4. Uludağ – Bursa Uludağ – Bursa
  5. Işık Dağı – Ankara
  6. Çamsu Yaylası – Uşak . Resort
Camping trips in Istanbul

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Camping trips in Istanbul for kids

Camping trips in Istanbul for children We often want to strengthen the immunity of our children and help them to rely on themselves and face life and solve all the problems that may face them, so one of the most things that can be spent with your children and teaching them is to take camping trips, whether with their friends or with their families, where children benefit during camping trips from an increase The ability to focus by looking at features of nature such as plants, water and wildlife

In addition to increasing the body and mind’s positive response to the natural surroundings, boosting immunity, reducing stress, improving mood and breathing fresh air.

Benefits of camping trips for kids

  • It teaches basic survival skills such as how to start a fire, cook, collect firewood, and more.
  • Develop learning skills and strengthen their abilities to survive in the wild and find solutions to problems they may encounter
  • Stay away from technology and help them increase their focus and release the energy they have.
  • Respecting nature, identifying plants and collecting some leaves and plants
  • Help improve their digestive system by eating food from nature.

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Camping equipment and supplies

When making and planning camping trips for the first time, it is necessary to identify the most important things that can facilitate the trip and prepare a list of camping purposes and supplies in addition to individual needs, which differ from one person to another depending on the preferences that are related to lifestyle, health status, the duration of the trip and whether you are a male or female, and so on.

camping essentials

  1. Bedding selection (sleeping bag/inflatable mattresses, sheets, etc.)
  2. Clothes, shoes, extra shoelaces, hat, glasses and backpack/handbag
  3. hygiene supplies,
  4. Cooking and dining utensils must be on your to-do list.
  5. Flashlight, headlight/hat lamp lighter/waterproof matches
  6. First Aid Bag Insect Repellent, Sunscreen, Moisturizing Lip Balm
  7. Additional chargers/batteries for mobile phones and cameras
  8. Compass/GPS Whistle Safety Pins – Various Sizes
  9. Can/bottle opener
  10. Tissue paper
  11. waste bags
Camping trips in Istanbul

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The most important services of Free Dive

At Free Dive, we provide the best services, as we provide you with:

  • Swimming courses for adults, children and beginners (freestyle, butterfly, chest, back)
  • Scuba diving and free diving courses
  • Camping trips for a specific period and through fun programs and activities and beautiful events.
  • Sport fishing through specialized programs and trainers

The most important frequently asked questions about camping trips in Turkey

What are the camping programs at Free Dive?

The camping trip starts in the morning or evening and varies depending on the program chosen
Each person provides a pajama + chair + tent for every two people
The program includes many activities such as reconnaissance, team work, barbecue and sports activities.

What are the prices for camping trips in Free Dive?

The prices of the trip are cheap, as the trip includes all food and drink expenses, and the cost per person is $150

What are the advantages of camping trips in Free Dive

We provide all our visitors with the latest comfortable cars to and from your residence, in addition to providing any equipment or supplies that you may be missing.

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