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Istanbul family camping tripsWe are always looking for great and special places to spend a great time with the family and get away from the hustle and bustle of life and sometimes we may need a change of vacation routine.

And we want to experience the fun of camping in the lap of nature with the family, enjoying barbecues and watching the sky at night

As there are many places in Istanbul and its surroundings where you can go on weekends and set up your tent and find peace with its wonderful nature.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul in the summer days and get to know the most important places to visitFamily camping trips in Istanbul This our article is just for you.

Istanbul family camping trips

Top 5 places for family camping trips in Istanbul

1. Kumkoy Kilios Camp

Kilios Camp is located on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul, the distance to the city center is about 40 km and you can easily reach your destination by public transport vehicles.

It is one of the rare places in the city where you can spend a camping vacation by the sea, enjoy the fresh breeze of the Black Sea in the scorching summer heat, harmony with nature and the sea, and practice some activities and hobbies.

Istanbul family camping trips

2. Blaban Lake Camp

Lake Balaban, also known as Lake Doro, is located near the shore of the Black Sea and is located within the borders of Arnavutköy district in Istanbul. The distance to the city center is about 90 km. You can reach the European side by public transport to Arnavutköy and Örencik

Lake Balaban is one of the most beautiful lakes and contains wonderful and distinctive places for camping. It also gives you the opportunity to breathe oxygen, enjoy the calm and silence in nature, and practice some activities and events, which is very suitable for camping trips for children and families.

Family camping trips in Istanbul

3. Säzelposna Lake Camp

Lake Sazilybosna is a wonderful area to spend Istanbul family camping trips Intertwined with nature, it is located within the borders of Arnavutköy and is about 45 kilometers from the city center and can be reached by public transport.

This wonderful area gives you the opportunity for family-friendly camping in its relatively green surroundings on an easily accessible flat plain with the possibility of swimming in the summer in addition to fishing and free diving.

Family camping trips in Istanbul

4. Seferogulari Camp

It is a special and wonderful place to spend the holiday with the family and doIstanbul family camping trips without leaving the city. Seferoğullar Camping is located in Ağva district of Şile district of Istanbul and is like a little paradise in nature. You can watch and enjoy among the warm nature and in the dense forests and do many wonderful activities.

Camping trips in Istanbul

5. Sahilkoy Camp Istanbul

Sahlkoy beach is located in a very large forest area in Sile which is a very calm and nice area for those who want to get away from the noise of the city

You can also enjoy the natural life in the area that perfectly combines the sea and forests, and you can camp privately in your tent. There are also wonderful huts that can be camped and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and events. You can also relax on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze, enjoy sunbathing, swimming and cycling in the forests Surrounding and water paragliding experience.

Camping trips in Istanbul

Tourist program for family camping trips in Istanbul

Istanbul is characterized by the presence of beautiful areas for relaxation and camping on both sides of this beautiful city, especially on the coast of the Black Sea, while some camps are located on the sea and there are places to camp located in the dense pine forests and we are working to provide you with the best tourist program forIstanbul family camping trips and sports camps

  1. program starts Istanbul family camping trips From the morning of the first day and ending in the evening of the third day.
  2. We provide you with the ability to book and provide all information before booking with a full brochure about the trip and activities
  3. We believe in going and coming back and forth with the latest comfortable modern cars to and from your residence.
  4. We provide everyone with all their supplies, equipment, devices and everything they may need
  5. You will enjoy all activities and events such as scuba diving or free diving and recreational diving throughout the day touring the place and exploring in addition to barbecues and practicing sports activities
  6. We work within a trained and experienced team in camping trips and face any problem that may arise
  7. Our prices are cheap and the trip includes all expenses for food, drink and dessert.
Istanbul family camping trips

Tips and advice for family camping trips in Istanbul

Here are some important tips for doingIstanbul family camping trips

  1. Don’t forget to buy sunscreen, you will be spending a lot of time outdoors when camping.
  2. Make sure to bring all the equipment, supplies and clothes you may need before you set out on your trip
  3. Choose a suitable location for your tent and do not pitch your tent under a tree or on the banks of a river or lake.
  4. Choose a tent with brightly colored ropes if possible, or put up twinkle signs so that people can see your tent in the dark.
  5. Do not light any fuel near the tent, do not use cigarettes inside the tent, and make sure that the tents are well positioned far from each other to prevent the risk of fire spreading.

Top Frequently Asked Questions About Family Camping Trips in Istanbul

What are the benefits of camping trips for families?

Camping trips with the family are characterized by strengthening family ties, as camping requires the participation of all its members in everything, starting with setting up the tent, preparing living tools for camping, cooperating in preparing food and practicing various activities, and all of these things will certainly increase the bonding between you, and create wonderful memories that will remain with you for a lifetime. .

What are the activities that can be practiced while camping?

The activities and events that can be practiced in camping trips for families vary according to the region, where you can enjoy exploring the ocean, swimming, cycling, mountain climbing, fishing, paragliding.

What are camping supplies?

Flashlight, headlight/hat light
Lighter/waterproof matches
first aid kit
Insect repellent, sunscreen, moisturizing lip balm
Additional chargers/batteries for mobile phones and cameras

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