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Istanbul's best beaches for swimming in 2021

Istanbul is characterized by its charming beauty and scenic nature thanks to its strategic location overlooking the Bosphorus in the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea. It is characterized by its golden sandy beaches and crystal waters, so it is an important tourist destination for many Arab and foreign tourists. Together in this article, we will talk about the best and most beautiful beaches of Istanbul for swimming.

Istanbul’s best beaches for swimming

Summer comes with its hot weather and charming sunshine that urges us to enjoy spending fun times on sandy beaches, swimming in the salty sea water, enjoying a distinctive bronze color under the sun and enjoying various water sports. If you love to enjoy the marine atmosphere, your main destination is the charming beaches of Istanbul.

The beaches of Istanbul are very popular with tourists thanks to their mild climate, pleasant summer atmosphere, and their oversight of many distinct bays and water bodies. Among the best beaches in Istanbul for swimming:

Nakki Bey Istanbul Beach “Nakibey Aile Plaj Tesisleri”

Naki Bey Istanbul Beach is located in the Asian section on the shores of the Marmara Sea on the shores of Tabuk Island, located in the Princes’ Islands, famous for its charming and picturesque beauty. It is one of Istanbul’s best beaches for mixed swimming and the most popular among Istanbul residents and foreign visitors. To go to the Princesses Island, you must reach the Bostanci station for the ship, and then the ship will take you to the Princess Islands by sea.

Nakki Bey Istanbul Beach is characterized by distinctive recreational activities, as it includes many umbrellas and comfortable chairs for reclining and enjoying the sun, in addition to water slides, swimming and diving in the clear blue waters. And don’t forget the soft golden sand without rocks to enjoy building the most beautiful sandcastles or playing volleyball on the beach.

There are many hotels, resorts, restaurants and cafes near the beach that offer the best Turkish cuisine to spend special times with family or friends.

Nakki Bey Istanbul Beach

Features of Nakki Bey Beach Istanbul

  • The beach is characterized by its wonderful waves that help you surf, which is one of the most popular water sports on the beach
  • And you can experience the fun of kayaking with small boats to enjoy the splash of water and a journey full of excitement and excitement
  • The beach has supervisors and lifeguards who specialize in rescue and emergency operations.
  • Comfortable rooms are also available for rent that help you relax and spend a comfortable sunbathing in your room and enjoy high privacy.
  • You can shop in the popular markets in the Princess Islands and enjoy its distinctive atmosphere and experience riding bicycles.

work hours Nakki Bey Beach, Istanbul

The beach is open from 8:30 to 8 pm.

Nakki Bey Istanbul beach location on the map

Kilios Beach, Istanbul “Kumkoy”

The beach is located on the European side of Istanbul, 30 km from the center of Istanbul in Turkey. Kilios Beach is one of the best beaches in Istanbul for swimming and enjoying very special times because of its charming location on the Black Sea surrounded by hills covered with green trees that give an unparalleled aesthetic, in addition To its soft golden sands, crystal waters, a series of luxurious restaurants and cafes, and high-end resorts, which made it one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul for swimming.

Kilios Beach is only 30-35 km from Taksim Square, from the center of Istanbul. Where you can get to the beach by taking a public transport bus and reaching Sariyer area and then taking another bus to reach Kilyos.

You can take your family to spend a whole day away from the noise of cities and work pressure, get hours of rest and relaxation, and eat the best Turkish foods offered by the restaurants surrounding the beach, Kilios Istanbul, which is equipped with sea chairs and umbrellas made of straw in a distinctive and beautiful way, making it one of the important tourist destinations in Istanbul.

Kilios Istanbul Beach includes many recreational water activities, diving in the depths, and getting to know the beautiful aquatic life. You can also visit the forest surrounding the beach to enjoy the charming atmosphere of nature and enjoy a barbecue party from one of the restaurants overlooking the most beautiful scenery.

Kilios Beach, Istanbul

Features of Kilios Beach in Istanbul

  • The beach has distinct paths for walking and cycling into the surrounding forests
  • Enjoy scenic nature and stroll in the nearby pine forests
  • Multiple activities and water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, skiing and snow riding
  • Great consistency in colors, decor, services at the highest levels and distinctive cleanliness

work hours Kilios Beach, Istanbul

Kilios Beach is available to visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kilios Beach Istanbul location on the map

Dalyan Beach, Istanbul “DALYAN”

Dalyan Istanbul Beach is distinguished by its warm summer weather and mild climate due to its privileged location on the Black Sea in the Damircikoy district near the entrance to the Bosphorus, on the European side of the city. The Istanbul Municipality opened it in 2002, and it is one of the best beaches in Istanbul for swimming because it contains distinguished services and a series of luxury restaurants that serve the best famous Turkish cuisine, in addition to cafes with charming views, resorts and high-end hotels.

The beach has a charming nature, soft golden sand, clear turquoise water, places to relax and calm and enjoy the sun on comfortable chairs equipped with sun umbrellas. The coast also contains many recreational activities, games halls and swimming pools for children, it is a suitable place for an enjoyable vacation with family and friends.

Dalyan Beach, Istanbul

Features of Dalyan Beach, Istanbul

  • It is characterized by great tranquility where you can spend hours of meditation and enjoy the sea breeze
  • Sit on the sea chairs, read books and soak up the sun
  • Distinctive places for children are secured and with specialized supervisors
  • There are bathrooms and toilets, as well as dressing rooms

Dalyan Istanbul beach location on the map

Jade Beach, Bostan Istanbul “Caddebostan Plajı”

Jidda Bostan Istanbul Beach is located on the Asian side and in the Kadikoy area and is very popular among tourists. The beach is characterized by its charming sand and clear water, in addition to a section of wonderful colored rocks. There are many depths of the beach, so it is suitable for lovers of diving in the depths and getting to know the life under water and swimming, so it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul for swimming.

The beach is surrounded by several vast green areas that give a charming aesthetic to the place, and there are chairs and umbrellas on the beach and several distinctive recreational activities. What distinguishes the beach are cafes, restaurants, a number of street vendors, sweets and ice cream vendors. It is about 2 km away from the famous Baghdad Street, Istanbul, which is characterized by its charming beauty and suitable for spending some fun times.

Jade Beach, Bostan Istanbul

Jidda Beach, Bostan Istanbul on the map

Solar Istanbul Beach “Solar Beach”

It is one of the most important tourist interfaces for many Arab, Turkish and foreign tourists, and is one of the best beaches in Istanbul for swimming and the largest of which has a total area of ​​30,000 km. A privileged tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Solar Beach is about 35 km from Taksim Square, where you can go from Taksim to Solar Beach using the M2 subway and get off at Haci Osman station, then ride on Minbus and get off at Tatli Su station, which is a 2-minute walk away.

Solar Istanbul Beach offers many recreational activities and various water sports on the sun beach, volleyball courts, surfing, many services and bathrooms, and provides veiled women with privacy and comfort.

Solar Istanbul Beach

Features of Solar Istanbul Beach

  • You can also enjoy the views of the Belgrade Forest and take a walk in the enchanting nature.
  • Many concerts and special evenings are held on the beach, which host many young talents and singers.
  • It has tennis and volleyball courts and ample spaces for walking or jogging
  • It provides a group of highly qualified and experienced workers, supervisors and rescuers
  • It contains safe places for children
  • Solar Beach features clean bathrooms and showers with hot water.

work hours Solar Istanbul Beach

From 9 am to 6 pm during the week
From 8:30 am to 7:30 pm during the weekend.

Solar Istanbul location on the map

Best beach for women in Istanbul

Poyraz Quay Beach “Women Poyrazkoy Beach”

It is distinguished by its privileged location in the north of Istanbul, in the Asian section of the Black Sea coast, near the Bosphorus Strait, about 44 km from Istanbul. Surfing, sailing, playing volleyball, swimming and diving in the charming sea water.

Among the services associated with the beach are clean bathrooms and toilets, a series of cafes, restaurants and hotels equipped with all special services, so it is the best beach in Istanbul for swimming.

Poyrazkoy Beach, Istanbul

Features of Poyraz Koi Beach in Istanbul

  • The beach has an all-female staff and provides all services to female visitors.
  • Children under the age of ten are allowed to enter with mothers
  • Allocates special and safe places for children
  • Practicing activities and water sports with great pleasure and also allows wide freedom for veiled women
  • The beach includes highly experienced medical and rescue teams with all the necessary equipment
  • It contains restrooms and places for changing clothes in addition to bathrooms.

Poyrazkoy Beach, Istanbul

Sayer Al Tankum Beach Sarıyer Altınkum

It is a beach for women in Istanbul and the most famous one. It is the best and overall of Istanbul beaches. Turkey is predominantly Muslim. Therefore, Sayer Al-Tankum Beach has been allocated to women only, including the staff in charge of managing the beach. In the sun, women are allowed to bring in their children under the age of 10.

The beach dedicates many recreational activities, places to change clothes, lounge chairs, sun umbrellas, tables and bathrooms, in addition to restaurants and cafes that serve the best food and drinks.

Sayer Tekum Beach, Istanbul

The advantages of Sayer Tekum Beach, Istanbul

  • A beach for women where they can have fun without Nuisance or presence of young people.
  • It includes many entertainment activities and concerts
  • Dedicated places to change clothes freely
  • Bathrooms, toilets, clean and equipped with all hygiene and sterilization tools

Sayer Tecom Beach Istanbul on the map

Florya Minicchi Beach “Menekşe Sahil Park İçi Yolu”

The Women’s Beach is located in the European section on the shores of the Marmara Sea. With the rising temperatures and work pressure, women can enjoy times dedicated to enjoying the marine atmosphere, golden sand, clear turquoise waters and various water sports. You can reach it by taking public transport buses between Bakirkoy and Flora.

It is one of Istanbul’s best beaches, as it features a range of changing rooms, bathrooms, and distinctive recreational activities, in addition to a group of sun chairs, tables and umbrellas.

Florya Menekci Beach, Istanbul
Istanbul’s best beaches for swimming in 2021 – 2022 9

Features of Florya Meekci Beach in Istanbul

  • Stroll through the vast greenery at Florya Coast Park across from the beach.
  • There are also archaeological places near the beach that you can visit and enjoy seeing ancient civilizations at the Military Aviation Museum
  • Enjoy swimming, diving in blue waters, and boating
  • A women-only beach, even the staff is made up of women only
  • Places and rooms designated for changing clothes in addition to bathrooms and toilets
  • For lovers of walking and enjoying the fresh air, you can walk on the soft golden sand along the beach.
  • In the beach-facing garden, there are games for children.

The location of Florya Meekci Beach in Istanbul


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