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ركوب البراشوت في اسطنبول

Paragliding in IstanbulParachute jumping is one of the coolest things that makes you feel fun and adventurous at the same time.

Parachute riding is one of the things to do when you visit Turkey, as there are many wonderful places that you can do by riding a parachute and enjoying the wonderful scenery.

If you are planning to visit Turkey andParagliding in Istanbul Follow this article with us to know the most important places for parachute jumping.

What is a parachute?

It is a sail made of nylon woven with thick threads and woven in a regular way to represent a strong structure, and the parachute increases the surface of the body and thus increases the resistance, which leads to a decrease in the speed of the body.

This type has been used as a fun sport that can be done to spend a beautiful time with friends and family, and it is one of the most wonderful trips that will leave you with a wonderful and unforgettable impact when you visit Istanbul or Turkey in general.

You will also be able to see everything from the highest mountain peaks, seas, amazing gardens and valleys, and safely as if you were a free bird, and there are many tourist places in Istanbul that you can ride a parachute with, which we will talk about later.

Parachute ride in Istanbul

Parachute rides in Istanbul

Paragliding in Istanbul is an adrenaline-fueled activity and when you enjoy jumping and paragliding it will turn into a passion in no time.

It is one of the most important places that can be Paragliding in Istanbul she:

1. Silivri area

Silivri is one of the most beautiful areas where you can spend your vacation time with the possibility of Paragliding in Istanbul Without changing your destination to another city, the Silivri area contains wonderful places where you will see the Marmara Sea as well as Istanbul’s landmarks, forests and gardens by riding a mountain parachute.

2. Catalca Urmanli

It offers you a great opportunity especially for those trying paragliding for the first time, the sea coast in the Catalca Ormanli district is an important center where you have a great opportunity to ride a parachute if you want to fly over the perfect view on the 15-kilometer coast In addition, the lake adds Very close to the sea is a special beauty when you go skydiving.

3. Arnavutkoy Karaburun

Or what is known as Karaburun, which is located in the Arnavutköy district of Istanbul as well as on the Black Sea coast and is a distinguished center for parasailing in Istanbul and gives you a unique experience of parachute jumping in Istanbul.

4. Çatalca Ormanli

Çatalca Ormanli paragliding area, which is 100 km from Istanbul, will give you a perfect start with its transportation facilities, hills and runways. Jumping is performed with a professional pilot. Ormanli has a great location for Istanbul where you can fly near and over the sea.

5. Pendik Aydos

Aydos Paragliding is one of the most beautiful areas to fly in Istanbul. On one hand and you can see the historical peninsula and on the other hand you can see the big and small islands like Heybeliada, burgazada and Büyükada from the air.

Features of paragliding in Turkey

We provide you with the best services in our center – Free Dive to spend a fun time with friends and ride the parachute, whether the water parachute or the mountain parachute and parachute jump, where we excel in:

  1. At first, we work to determine the date and time of the trip after making sure that the weather conditions are appropriate.
  2. We have hotel transfer or shuttle service from your location and this fun journey starts up the mountain with our transport vehicles.
  3. Our flight time varies between 10-20 minutes depending on wind conditions. We will take off from the mountain and land on the seashore.
  4. You will have the opportunity to witness the green forests and the sea while enjoying this unique experience.
  5. You can join this tour with your own car and paragliding tours are held in Istanbul every day depending on weather conditions.
  6. Paragliding flights are performed together with experienced passenger pilots and the pilot flying together.
  7. We have flights every day during the summer months and in the winter months.
  8. It is useful to ask in advance and get information about the days on which excursions can be taken. Paragliding tours are held in Istanbul
Paragliding in Istanbul

price Paragliding in Istanbul

The question is often asked about the cost of the trip andParagliding in Istanbul We at Free Dive Center provide you with the opportunity to enjoy at a reasonable price as you can fly every day by taking a short break from the routine in Istanbul.

where the price of Paragliding in Istanbul It is $100 and this price includes screenshots and video moreover when you buy your paragliding ticket you can use it whenever you want within one year or you can gift it to your friends.

Paragliding in Istanbul

The most important frequently asked questions about paragliding in Istanbul

Is Paragliding Safe in Istanbul?

Yes, of course, riding a parachute in Istanbul is safe and you are in safe hands, and the staff is trained and qualified to ride a parachute, and we have the best types of parachute or parachute jumping.

what is it The best places to practice paragliding in Turkey

Skydiving from Jebel Ali in Kayseri Ali Dağı.
Skydiving in Sakarya Tandem Yamaç Paraşütü.
Skydiving at Yamaç Paraşütü- Tekirdağ.
Paragliding from the highest peak in Ordu, Turkey.
Babadağ dağ Highlands, Turkey.

What is the difference between free jump and parachute jump

Free jumping is jumping out of the plane on your own without any escorts and it needs a strong heart, either parachute jumping or parachute is jumping from the top of the mountain with a special escort (trained and experienced pilot).

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ركوب البراشوت في اسطنبول