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Sea Parachuteif you want to experience sea parachute riding and do adrenaline-filled water and sea sports activities and adventure on your own instead of crowded rides on land, we recommend you to try sea parachute at Free Dive Club.

Prepare Sea Parachute It is one of the holiday activities that you can do safely without the need for technical knowledge, which is made for recreational purposes in Turkey.

In this article, we will talk about one of the most important areas where you can experience a sea parachute ride in Turkey.

Sea Parachute places in Turkey

There is nothing better than a water parachute ride in Turkey, where you experience the excitement and thrill of flying over the sea and watching the wonderful scenery along the coast.

The best places for sea bass in Turkey

Seafood in Marmaris

If you want to do adrenaline-filled and adrenalin-filled water sports activities on your own instead of crowded tours during Marmaris holiday, the best of these activities is to ride Sea Parachute.

Where the Yarashut sea in Marmaris is one of the most important water sports activities and one of the most favorite activities. You will enjoy watching the unique view of the Marmaris beach and mountains, and you can also enjoy the fun of recreational diving.

Sea Parachute in Antalya – Kemer

It is considered Sea Parachute One of the indispensable water sports in Antalya-Kemer is one of the most enjoyable water sports.

Where you can watch the sea on the wonderful beach of Kemer, you will also see water sports enthusiasts practicing sea parachute rides and jet skis. If you have not tried it, we definitely recommend you to try this wonderful sport.

It is also possible to take cruises in the city of Marmaris and go swimming with your friends.

Sea Parachute

Sea Parachute Riding Tips

  1. Riding the sea parachute is an enjoyable experience, but you need a strong heart. If you are one of the people who have a phobia of heights, do not apply for it.
  2. When riding the sea parachute, a person’s weight should not exceed 150 kilograms.
  3. There is no set age for parachute riding as kids can also enjoy this experience.
  4. You must choose the right time for your trip, as there are trips at sunrise and before sunset.
  5. Riding the parachute does not require any previous experience or any conditions, just follow the instructions of your guide.
  6. Take enough rest before riding the parachute to enjoy the time allotted to you.
  7. Dress in appropriate and comfortable clothes for your Parachute sea trip in Turkey.
  8. Bring sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.
  9. Do not look down when riding a parachute in the sea so as not to get anxious and you should look forward and enjoy these wonderful moments.
  10. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.
  11. Don’t forget the selfie cameras to take great shots.

Parachute ride prices

The price of the sea parachute ride in Turkey is 45 dollars per person and the duration is 45 minutes where you can enjoy the wonderful views and take great pictures.

Also, this cost includes:

  • It includes photography of the trip from take off from the boat until return
  • It provides transportation to and from the hotel

Free Dive Club Program for Sea Parachute

When you book a parachute cruise, you must familiarize yourself with the special program at Dive Club, as one of the most important points in our program are:

  1. Your trip begins at the resident hotel, where we will pick you up in a car for the parachute trip to the beach, and then move to a boat ride in the wonderful sea water.
  2. The instructor or tour guide begins by listing the parachute riding instructions that you must follow.
  3. Then they fill the parachute with hot air to begin the journey of flying over the sea and the beginning of listening to the adventure.
  4. You have the choice to ride the parachute alone or ride with one of your friends or family.
  5. The duration of the parachute ride in Marmaris is 45 minutes.

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The most important frequently asked questions about sea bass in Turkey

Is sea parachute dangerous?

As in every sport and activity, there is some danger in any activity however, if you take the exact necessary precautions under the supervision of Free Dive Club coaches, there is no problem. After all, you will be above the sea.

What is the maximum height of the sea parachute?

The maximum height that the parasail can reach is determined by the power of the boat, the weather condition and the technical advantage of the parachute. But the average height of commercial activities in the entertainment sector ranges from 100 to 150 meters.

What is the minimum limit for a sea parachute ride?

The minimum age to ride a Parachute is 16 years old. Parental consent is required for those under 16 years of age.


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