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سعر الققز المظلي في تركيا

Paragliding price in TurkeyIt is one of the things that we often ask about when planning a trip and doing parachute jumping or parachuting in Turkey.

Where you can practice parachute riding and enjoy the scenic views in many areas, whether in Istanbul or the rest of Turkey.

We have special programs to spend a fun day and ride the parachute under the supervision of professional pilots and we will provide you with the best places to ride the parachute with a full explanation For the price of paragliding in Turkey In our Free Dive Center.

Parachute places in Turkey

Turkey contains many wonderful areas that provide you with a parachute ride accompanied by a private coach and according to special programs to give you a wonderful experience. Among these places where you can practice parachute jumping are:

Parachute Fethiye Babadağ / Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the most popular holiday destinations for sports enthusiasts for its great activities, sports and events.

Skydiving has become synonymous with Fethiye because of its 1969-meter summit, which is the most special place in Turkey for those who want to view the landscape from above and go paragliding.

Access to the jumping point, located at an altitude of 1,700 meters, is also provided by off-road vehicles.

The price of the parachute in Turkey

Çökelez Dağ / Denizli

Çökelez Mountain, located 30 km from the city center of Denizli, is among the relatively new skydiving areas in Turkey. As the jumping point is at an altitude of 1650 meters. The region also hosted the Turkey Long-Distance Skydiving Championship and the Skydiving World Cup.

The price of the parachute in Turkey

Parachute Uzungol

Uzungöl is one of the important tourist centers in Trabzon and the eastern Black Sea region, which opened the new skydiving season on the outskirts of Lustra Plateau with the rising weather. Under the leadership of our professional team at Free Dive.

Paragliding is stationed on the outskirts of the Lustra Plateau, 850 meters from Uzungöl at an altitude of 2000, under the control of experienced paragliders, almost jumping over the clouds and having a great paragliding experience.

Enjoying a wonderful view of nature and views of Uzungol, as well as the opportunity to take pictures or videos during the trip, and watch interesting scenes in the parachute jump, which starts at a distance of 850 meters from Uzungol.

The price of the parachute in Turkey

Skydiving prices in Turkey

It is important to have information about Paragliding price in Turkey And you can enjoy the opportunity to ride a mountain parachute and experience a water parachute ride under the supervision of the best pilots at the Free Dive Club. Prices vary from one region to another, and we will present to you Paragliding price in Turkey And for each region.

Paragliding price in Turkey / Parachute Fethiye

The price of parachute jumping in Fethiye is $100, which includes food and transportation, with a guarantee of refunding the amount in case of breach and does not include the value added tax.

Paragliding price in Turkey / Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the oldest cities of Turkey with its history and modern urban structure. The price of skydiving in Istanbul is 100 dollars per person and contains many places to ride a parachute in Istanbul.

The price of parachute jumping in Turkey / Parachute Uzungol

The price of parachute jumping in Uzungol is 45 dollars per person, and it is one of the distinctive activities that you can do and fly over Uzungol Lake and enjoy its charming nature, in addition to enjoying water games.

Deep dive services and features

  1. All Free Dive pilots hold a THK-certified FAI Para Pro 5 (highest test grade) and T2 – Tandem commercial pilot licenses.
  2. The parachute is placed on the ground and in the open position behind the pilot and passenger.
  3. Parachute seats called harness are modern and extremely safe.
  4. The pilot and passenger are connected to each other in a special system.
  5. The pilot retracts the parachute, provides a ready-to-fly profile and begins flying a few steps. The tandem passenger does not need special training and can only fly with a brief briefing from the pilot.
  6. After that, we prepare for landing and continue our journey by descending to the landing area on the edge of the great view from the top and taking a cruise with our team.

Free Dive Skydiving Program in Turkey

  • Our tours run between weekdays and weekends from sunrise to sunset.
  • We meet in our office in Istanbul at the time that was previously decided and the flight takes a certain time depending on the desired area to jump from.
  • After we are done with our preparations and controls, we begin the flight under the guidance of our pilot. Flight time can vary from 15 to 25 minutes. During the flight, our pilot tells you about the environment and takes photos and videos.
  • A minimum of 2-3 hours during the day is devoted to this activity for reasons such as arrival in the flight area and briefing, preparations, weather assessment and waiting. Depending on the weather, you may need to spend more time.
  • People of all ages can generally participate in tandem paragliding.
  • It is also possible to do a special flight program where you can specify your request for marriage, birthday opening a special banner and so on. You can live together on a beautiful day that you will never forget.
The price of the parachute in Turkey

The most important frequently asked questions about the price of skydiving in Turkey

What is the maximum weight allowed to ride a parachute in Turkey?

The maximum weight of the glider is 25-105 kg. In basic flight theory, the total load should be between 120 and 220. According to this reasoning, excluding the weight of the equipment, anyone weighing between 25 kg and 110 kg can parachute safely within our site.

Do you have to practice skydiving before riding a parachute?

The trip to paraglide does not require a long and technical training process, so everyone can enjoy the paragliding trip. Parachute riding has become the most popular alternative tourism and sport activity in recent years. Our website Free Dive has been offering skydiving tours in Turkey for many years and the interest of many domestic and foreign tourists continues to grow.

How to book a skydiving in Free Dive?

1. Please specify your special requests in the notes section during the booking process
2. The reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the date you want it.
3. Changes or cancellations must be made in the booking date for at least 24 hours. You can perform the operation using the cancel button from the login step of the cancellation process. Your money will be returned to your credit card.
4. Depending on weather conditions, the service provider may delay the day or time of the flight. Our experts will tell you.
5. You can take a trip at any time during the year provided you make a reservation in advance.


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سعر الققز المظلي في تركيا