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Teaching adults to swim is one of the things most doctors recommend, because of its multiple benefits for physical and mental health as well. If you never learned to swim because of your fear of water or simply because you lacked free time to do so, now is the time and no matter your age it is not too late to learn to swim

Where we did in our center deep dive By dedicating swimming courses for adults to help you acquire swimming and diving skills, through private lessons and professional trainers to develop and develop your skills.

The importance of learning to swim for adults

Swimming is one of the most important sports through which the entire muscles of the body can be moved and energized, and it is very important for elderly or old people. Benefits of swimming for adults as follows:

  • Sports have an effective role in reducing stress and improving the appearance of the body.
  • It can also help relieve depression, especially for those who have had previous injuries.
  • Helps improve heart rate and stimulate blood circulation in the body.
  • Exercise prevents diabetes.
  • It increases flexibility in joints and muscles and improves movement.
  • Activates the respiratory system and regulates the breathing process.
  • Reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood.
  • Helps you burn calories, which reduces excess weight.
Swimming lessons for adults

Swimming lessons for adults

In the swimming center for adults, you can easily learn to swim andscuba diving Through courses for adults using successful and effective techniques and methods to learn swimming quickly and with high professionalism.

We also educate most people better through insight and experience. Our innovative technology also includes real-time video feedback and mirrors at the bottom of the pool so that new swimmers learn the correct technique and apply what they learn right away. One of the most important steps we follow:

1- A medical examination for adults, where we work to understand the needs of the elderly, so we allocate doctors to check the health status of each trainee.

2- Overcome the fear of water. Our trainees work to help the elderly overcome feelings of fear of water. Our specialized teachers are working on designing a special program for each trainee to help them reach their goals.

3- Teaching the basics of swimming in small pools that they can walk in easily, by swimming in shallow pools and holding the pool beams to help them swim easily.

4- Helping them regulate the breathing process.

5- Going into deep water and teaching the technique of buoyancy in the water.

Swimming in Istanbul

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How to teach swimming to adults

Adult Swimming Center lessons are available at the following three levels and have been developed to meet the needs of adult learners:

  • Learn the basics: Gain basic swimming strokes and skills to stay safe, and help keep others safe in and around the water.
  • Improve skills and swimming strokes: Participants gain proficiency in basic water skills and basic swimming strokes.
  • Swimming for fitness Participants will learn to improve front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and turn to build endurance.

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Swimming training for adults

In our center, Free Dive Center, we provide you with one of the most important departments that many people are looking for, which is the women’s section, where we work in restricting training programs for adult women, through specialized trainers who work using the best modern methods and technologies.

And that is by providing water equipment that helps the women to teach the basics of swimming and encourage them to go down in the deep water. We provide all the accessories that women need from towels, swimwear and many more

Swimming lessons for women

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Swimming lessons for adults

In order for a person to learn and master swimming well, he must first be patient, as there is no specific period that can be determined for the duration or lessons that an individual needs to learn to swim. There are several factors that directly affect the duration of education, the most important of which are:

  • Age or age of the trainee
  • A person’s physical fitness
  • The degree of a person’s fear of water
  • Enthusiasm and desire to learn

However, the trainers in our center estimate that adults need about 20 hours of adult swimming lessons over several months in order to acquire sufficient experience and skills to master swimming well.

But care must be taken to strengthen the muscles of the body to speed up learning the sport of swimming, and get used to breathing techniques, self-regulation, and swimming as much as possible.

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It is never too late to learn to swim as it is possible to develop the swimming skills you need to feel safe and comfortable around the water.

When you participate in our adult swimming school you will find:

  1. A step-by-step curriculum that focuses on teaching the basics of swimming, developing skills and appropriate swimming techniques for the four basic swimming strokes.
  2. In our center, we provide you with the best specialized trainers.
  3. Our commitment to matching the coach’s teaching style to the needs of each swimmer through a special program at the deep dive
  4. You can also expect attentive expert instruction from our dedicated trainers as each member of the Free Dive team is drawn with a unique set of skills and experience that make them the best at what they do.
  5. Each certified trainer has also completed intensive classes and training programs in the water as well as a series of trainers’ sessions.
  6. In our center you will learn at your own pace, ensuring a rewarding and relaxing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Swimming Center

  1. Are swimming lessons for adults right for me?

    We know the last thing you want is to share a huge pool with a group of kids while you are trying to master the sport of swimming or learn the basics of water safety so we teach you in your very small warm water pool where we can adjust the current to suit your ability and your coach can be by your side at all times so Swimming lesson for adults is never scary.

  2. What are the features of the Free Dive Center?

    In fact, Free Dive Center has many advantages that made it the favorite of all trainees in Turkey. It has a group of highly specialized and experienced swimmers and lifeguards, in addition to the quality of our innovative equipment and teaching all the skills of swimming and diving.

  3. What are the most important steps for learning to swim for adults?

    1- Removing the feeling of fear
    2- Learn to float in water and slide
    3- Move to the deep part of the pool and learn to stand in the water
    4- Learn to use your hands and feet in swimming
    5- Regulating the breathing process

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