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Have you ever tried to know what are the benefits of swimming for men? What are the most important swimming lessons that make you a skilled swimmer? Swimming is one of the most important water sports that all doctors recommend to maintain overall health.

The Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) also referred in his honorable hadith to the importance of teaching swimming from an early age, as it helps build muscle strength and a physical structure that protects against all diseases, and also promotes mental and psychological health.

From this point, our team at Free DiveCenter has dedicated a swimming course for men that will help you in a short time to learn all swimming skills perfectly.

Basic swimming skills for men

Swimming is distinguished from others in that it includes a set of rules and basics that must be well learned, and the reason for this is that swimming movements in the water are completely different from the movements we do outdoors.

The water pressure also plays an important role, so you must take into account these points in order to have more fun during your practice of swimming:

It is one of the important steps that must be taken into account for learners of swimming for men, as this is by taking an inhale from the mouth and going under the water and staying for as long as possible under the water.

Self-regulation exercises are among the important skills that must be mastered, as they help you swim without fatigue or effort during the breathing process, and they help increase self-confidence and remove the fear factor from water, and we can start with self-regulation in the shallow area and then the deep area

Our trainers help you with this, by taking an inhale through the mouth and going down under the water and exhaling from the mouth and nose under the water, and we repeat this movement several times until we can do it.

  • underwater exhale

This process helps you to hold your breath for a long time under water, which enhances the work of the lungs, by taking a deep breath from the mouth, inserting the head under the water, holding the breath, and then exhaling from the nose under water.

  • arm movements

The movement of the arms is one of the basic swimming skills that must be mastered well, as it helps to move the body forward, and the movement of the hands is successively from front to bottom and back to top

Experts and swimming coaches divide buoyancy into two phases:

  • belly buoyancy
  • back float

The buoyancy skill is based on Archimedes’ law, and the buoyancy skill increases the ability to change body positions while swimming.

One of the skills most preferred by swimmers, gliding is by maintaining the horizontal position of the body for the longest distance possible. The slip is divided into two types, the first type is slipping on the abdomen and the second type is slipping on the back

  • leg movements

There are two types of movements that must be adopted in swimming, the movements of the legs on the abdomen and the movements of the legs on the back, and the movements of the feet are to perform strikes alternately from the bottom to the top of the thigh joint, which causes slight flexion in the knee joint as a result of water pressure on the joint, noting the direction of the toes to Inside.

  • deep water jumping

This skill helps to increase self-confidence and banish fear, by jumping with the legs to the bottom of the water while maintaining the integrity of the body and the extension of the arms upwards.

  • standing in the water

One of the most important skills is that it helps in how to move inside deep water, and it also works to maintain the coordination of the movements of the feet and legs and the position of the body and the head outside the water.

diving and swimming lessons in Istanbul

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Benefits of swimming for men

After we got acquainted with the basic swimming skills for men, what do you think about talking briefly about the importance or benefits of swimming for men, as recent studies have proven the countless benefits of swimming, which are represented in the following:

  1. Promote heart health: Swimming is one of the most important types of intense sports that help strengthen the heart and greatly enhance its health.
  2. Strengthening the body: it does not depend on the development of muscles in the body, but rather helps to change the movement of muscles and their endurance and increase their strength as well.
  3. Getting rid of stress: Sport works to rid the body of stress and anxiety, as some experts compare swimming with yoga in relieving stress.
  4. Men who smoke or who consume alcohol are advised to swim, as it has a positive effect on ridding the body of toxic substances.
  5. Endurance: Swimming increases the body’s ability to withstand various conditions, such as: walking uphill on uneven ground, bearing cold weather, and resistance to many different diseases.
  6. Regulating the level of blood pressure in the body: it reduces blood pressure significantly and makes it within the normal level, especially for men.
diving and swimming lessons in Istanbul

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Motivating tips from Free Divefor swimming

Free DiveCenter works to provide a set of important tips and advice that can be followed and that help motivate a person to do swimming:

  • Exercise in the pool

This method is one of the most motivating ways for men to swim, as many sports classes combine swimming with many exercises inside the pool.

  • Make swimming a habit

Try to include swimming in your daily schedule by allocating some time to practice it, so it is recommended to subscribe annually to sports clubs that include the pool in order to motivate the person to swim.

  • swim with friends

Having a friend who has similar interests in swimming is one of the motivating things that encourage you to do swimming regularly.

  • Do swimming in natural places

Swimming in natural places is a different and enjoyable experience. Swimming is not limited to indoor pools only, but can also be practiced in natural places, such as: seas, rivers or natural lakes.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What men’s swimwear should be in the bag?

The bag must contain clothes designed for swimming that are resistant to chlorine and made of light materials to help the body to swim with a high flow, and do not forget the towel and slippers that are resistant to water and slip.

Are there downsides to swimming for men?

It is possible for some people to develop skin diseases if the percentage of chlorine in the pool is high, and it can also cause some infections in the eyes or ears as a result of repeatedly entering the water.

What is the reason why swimming for men is linked to sexual strength?

Swimming helps men enhance their sexual performance, as it enhances blood flow, increases the flexibility and strength of the body, in addition to helping to lose weight.

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