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Swimming training for womenSwimming for women is considered one of the best sports in the world, as it combines the health benefits of the body in addition to the fun we live in. The practitioners of this sport possess physical fitness, mental clarity and a healthy physical structure.

Swimming for half an hour a day helps in

  • lower blood pressure
  • Strengthens the heart muscle
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Helps increase the efficiency of blood circulation for women.

Today, in this article, we will talk about the swimming center in Istanbul, Deep Dive, for women of different age groups.

Features of Free DiveSwimming Training Club for Ladies

The importance of swimming education for women has many benefits, as women who practice swimming regularly, this works to make their bodies look more fit and healthy.

  • In our center, we provide all the privacy you need, madam, in addition to the safety space that we provide for you without any kind of mix-ups.
  • At Deep Dive, we offer swimming courses and private lessons forSwimming training for women For different age groups and at different levels.
  • The club also provides private lessons for those who want intensive education.
  • The Free DiveClub includes a group of swimming pools that suit all ages and levels with different depths, in addition to jacuzzi pools, changing rooms and a cafeteria for women.
  • The club provides professional, specialized and qualified female lifeguards and coaches to ensure the general safety of women, so there is no doubt that it is one of the best swimming clubs in Istanbul.

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The importance of swimming training for women

Swimming helps women get rid of some pain, and it is a useful way to get rid of back pain or relieve stress. It also has many benefits such as:

  1. Relaxation, stress relief and high hormones that bring happiness to its practitioners
  2. Maintaining a woman’s fitness and working to reduce the secretion of stress hormones such as adrenaline.
  3. Reducing joint pressure and pain, as water reduces weight by approximately 90%, so the pressure on joints and bones is low.
  4. Swimming is a safe sport for pregnant women, as it works to reduce the burden of excess weight caused by pregnancy, and this gives a sense of comfort to the pregnant woman, and builds a graceful body for pregnant women.
  5. Reducing the pain of multiple sclerosis, because the water works to help the body parts to float.
  6. Swimming regulates sleep, thus reducing all forms of fatigue and improving the strength of the heart and lungs.

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Swimming training steps for women

In the beginning, every woman should take some of the tips and instructions that we offer in our center in order to ensure the safety of our visitors and to ensure that they get the most benefit through the lessons provided to them.

Where they must learn some basics to learn to swim such as teaching them the basics of swimming, including forward swimming, backstroke and breathing control:

  • Breathing: In the beginning, you must learn the skill and how to regulate breathing, so that you can relieve fatigue and enjoy swimming as well.
  • Buoyancy: Floating or relaxing the body is an important point before learning to kick and row, as this facilitates the way to move in the water and helps the body to keep it in a horizontal position.
  • Kicking: This is the third point that we begin to teach you after mastering the previous skills, and it is the first step to start moving in the water, whether forward or backward.
  • After that, the various swimming methods are taught in depth, in addition to the methods of balancing under water
  • Learn different types of water jumps, including head diving, backflip and other challenging moves

Women’s swimming equipment names

  1. Floats or floating rings
  2. Hand paddles This tool is used for scuba diving training
  3. Swimming goggles Swimming goggles help you see clearly in the water
  4. Swimming Gloves Swimming gloves help to get the ultimate in water resistance,
  5. Earplugs Earplugs help protect the ears from getting water in,
  6. A snorkel helps a swimmer breathe in the water with his head in the water
  7. Kickboard or leg kicks The kickboard helps keep the swimmer’s body in the correct position.
  8. nose plugs
  9. Ankle resistance bands used for swimming strength training and resistance exercises;
  10. swimming fins
  11. Noodles are a flotation device similar in shape to long pasta that helps swimmers to float.
  12. Leg floats In contrast to kicking boards, floats are placed between the legs; To keep the legs afloat without kicking

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Swimming gear for women

One of the most important things that you must bring to your swimming lessons are your swimming items, such as:

  1. Your towel so as to avoid catching any ailments.
  2. Comfortable swimwear that helps you move freely without any embarrassment.
  3. safety glasses
  4. Shampoo and moisturizing cream to use some finishing swimming lessons.
  5. your comb.
  6. Sunscreen is highly protective when swimming in open areas.
  7. A special bag for storing wet clothes after swimming.
Swimming training for women

Types of swimming for women

Women can learn to swim through private or intensive lessons, within a short time, and all types of swimming can be learned, the most important of which are:

  • chest swimming
  • belly swimming
  • Butterfly swimming
  • free swimming
Swimming training for women

Women’s swimming coaches

The women are trained through a small group model by the best specialists in teaching swimming for women who have an accredited certificate. Participants’ swimming level is evaluated to enroll them in a course level appropriate to them.

The Free DiveCenter also includes a group of professional trainers to teach swimming especially for adult or pregnant women. We also have modern facilities and equipped ponds for training.

The most important frequently asked questions about swimming training for women in Istanbul

What is the best swimwear for women?

Comfortable swimwear should be chosen so that you can move with ease and the best choice for women’s swimwear is the one-piece swimsuit

Is swimming a good exercise for women?

Women need more ways to relax, and swimming is a low-impact aerobic activity that builds long, lean muscles and helps women maintain a healthy weight.

Is swimming a good exercise for women over the age of sixty?

Women over 60 who are trying to be more active and healthy can turn to swimming as a low-impact exercise to increase their cardiovascular fitness and strength. Because older adults are at risk of developing more medical conditions
You should also consult a medical professional familiar with your personal medical history before beginning a new training program.


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