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free swimming lessonsFreestyle swimming is one of the most popular and popular swimmers around the world, and most of the swimmers who participate in international swimming races depend on it.

This type of skill depends on special techniques that are trained and developed gradually, such as the way of swimming, the type of muscles that are used, and speed.

Today, in this article, we will talk about how and steps free swimming lessons For beginners, if you want to start practicing and learning this swimming, follow us.

What is free swimming?

(FRONT CRAWL) or freestyle swimming is one of the fastest types of swimming, and it takes a lot of time and effort when practicing, it moves almost all the muscles of the body. Therefore, this swimming has many benefits for the body.

Benefits of free swimming

  1. free swimming lessons It helps in increasing the muscle mass of the body and contributes to the movement of all the muscles of the body.
  2. Free swimming strengthens the upper muscles such as (shoulder muscles, deltoids, latissimus dorsi, arm muscles, biceps, trapezius and triceps).
  3. Lower body muscles Free swimming helps to strengthen the lower muscles and increase their flexibility, which helps the body with movement and speed, such as the hip muscles, the back quadriceps, the knee muscles and the buttock muscles.
  4. Free exercise helps in sculpting the body and tightening it completely, especially the abdominal area, which is the center of the body on the surface of the water during the swimming process, so it is useful for slimming.
  5. Freestyle swimming improves in general the process of breathing and self-regulation without any harmful pressure on the body’s organs.
  6. Strengthening the heart and lungs Freestyle swimming helps to promote the health of the body in general, and its exercise helps to strengthen the heart muscle and the respiratory system.
  7. It is useful in treating patients with multiple sclerosis, as it relieves pain, reduces complications and development, and reduces fatigue and depression associated with this disease.
  8. Improving the sleep process, improving mood, and generally helping to strengthen all parts of the body.
  9. It protects the body from unpleasant sagging and protrusions and contributes to tightening and sculpting the body completely, so swimming for women is important.
free swimming lessons

Learn about freestyle swimming courses at Free Dive

Free swimming lessons

free swimming lessons In order to master this skill, you need a special trainer to learn the movements directly. It is not easy to learn freestyle swimming individually.

Free swimming tutorials

First: the movement of the hands in free swimming

At first, your hands should be relaxed and your fingers together to start your movement, and then press your hand down and out as soon as it enters the water, with your fingers slightly apart. This is called ‘sensing’ the water or ‘capturing’.

If you want to improve your hand technique, you can wear water bats to help you focus on how your hand gets in and out of the water.

Second: internal scanning

Bring your hand and forearm toward the center of your body to perform the inner sweep. Use your hand as a paddle and move as much water as possible through this part of the movement, keeping your arms close under you, rather than rowing at your sides.

Third: Back Scan

In this section, press your arm in an inward and upward motion to perform a back sweep. This is the second ‘batch’ phase where you can gain speed in your movement. You will stop pulling water and start pushing it when your hand is right in the middle of your body

Fourthly: Leg kicks in free swimming

Kick with both your legs and thighs, and don’t kick through your knees Use a two-stroke kick. The two-stroke kick requires less force and is used by middle and long distance swimmers. You must kick with one leg per cycle of movement and a cycle of movement means one arm movement. Kick with one leg in conjunction with the internal sweep

Fifth: Breathing in free swimming

Move and rotate your body to the surface and inhale through your mouth. This will enable you to keep your neck and head muscles relaxed, as they can cause undue tension in your neck if you just turn your head.

Avoid putting your hand in the water directly above your head, as this slows you down and damages your style.

Don’t hit the water too hard, but follow your hand into the water by sliding your arm into it instead.

Common mistakes in freestyle swimming

  1. Raising or lowering the head in free swimming leads to an increase in resistance, as the head must be raised by an amount that allows for taking a breath only and not more.
  2. Bend the thighs and separate the knees, as this leads to a wave movement and an increase in resistance, where the bending of the knees and the breadth of the thighs must be approximately the same as the width of the shoulders, the legs are straightened and the return to the original position.
  3. Stretching with one arm stronger than the other leads to increased resistance, ineffective tensile strength, and imbalance. Focus should be placed on keeping the shoulders parallel and aligning the tensile movement between the right and left hand.
  4. Regressive movement that the rise of the hands on the surface of the water in an exaggerated manner leads to an increase in resistance and this must be avoided by focusing on extending the arms forward and down the surface
  5. The lowering of the arms to a great depth leads to diving in the shoulders, which leads to a slowdown in performance and can be fixed by focusing on the regressive movement directly below the surface of the water.
  6. Breathing Holding the breath during swimming leads to rapid fatigue and stress, as it is necessary to focus on regulating breathing by taking the breath from the mouth while pulling and leaving it through the nose in the water.

Types of swimming courses offered at our Free Dive Center

We work in our center to provide many educational courses for swimming in addition to teaching swimming types, including:

The most important frequently asked questions about free swimming lessons

Are there risks when learning freestyle swimming?

Teaching swimming is not dangerous when there is a professional coach and within the framework of a training course, so we believe in Free Dive the best educational courses for swimming and under the supervision of qualified and experienced specialists to teach swimming

What are the best features of freestyle swimming education in Free Dive?

We believe in Free Dive Center, the best specialists to teach freestyle swimming from zero to professionalism, and through lessons and systematic and academic means to learn free swimming skills such as floating on the abdomen in a straight position with the movement of the alternating legs and floating on the back in a straight position
Freestyle swimming for a distance of (25) meters while taking a breath on the space, and swimming on the back for a distance of not less than (25) meters

Is free swimming good for pregnant women?

Yes, of course, teaching free swimming for pregnant women helps them greatly to reduce the weight of the fetus in the water and helps to relax the muscles and reduce weight, which helps to rest.

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