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Swimming lessons for childrenSwimming is a fun sport for children to keep fit and healthy, while learning to swim is an essential skill that can be acquired at an early age to ensure their safety and comfort near the water.

Therefore, if you want to teach your child to swim at a certain age, we provide you with the right technology learning service in the right environment with the best people and specialists.

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The importance of teaching swimming for children

We own the best swimming teachers and teach kids in a fun way and we have the utmost comfort putting your kids under the able guidance of our swimming instructors, all of whom are qualified and carefully selected to ensure they meet the standards we require.

AndWe are distinguished by:

  • We only hire instructors who are able to teach kids swimming lessons in a way that means kids are always learning something new and having fun.
  • We also make sure groups stay small to allow kids to receive the one-on-one attention they need from a coach, so you don’t have to worry about your child being left behind or becoming unsafe at any point while in the water.
  • Our swimming school is divided into stages as it is designed to suit your child’s ability, so you should see them progress through the different levels. They will move from basic skills, buoyancy and balance, to more complex techniques such as backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

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Swimming lessons for children

How to teach swimming to children

Our wonderful facilities offer many swimming equipment and facilities in addition to providing the perfect environment for children to take their first steps towards mastering the use of water. With indoor and outdoor swimming pools available in many clubs, in addition to many swimming pools for children and families.

  • We make sure all of our pools are warm enough for kids to stay comfortably in the water, and we provide plenty of rubber and buoyancy devices to help them on their way.
  • We use the best special tools for swimming, such as buoys, swimming tires, swimming jacket, flotation board, belt and other tools.
  • We have the best swimming team and teach your children the skill of swimming.
  • We initially work to motivate the child to enter the pool through games.
  • We focus on teaching the child how to move the arms and feet in a playful way.
  • Focus on teaching the child the phase of relaxation and body buoyancy.
  • The coach of the Free Dive Center reminds the child of the need to breathe continuously and periodically and every 5 minutes at least, and before he makes any movement, to take a deep breath and teach him how to divide the breath and exhale slowly, especially while under water.
Swimming lessons for children

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Teaching swimming for children in European Istanbul

Swimming lessons and training are vital for young children looking to learn the basics in order to be safe in the water.

  • The Free Dive Club has great swimming pools for kids to play and learn to swim in, with fully trained lifeguards constantly watching over the little ones.
  • Our large pools also have dedicated family swimming sessions, so you can enjoy swimming as a family more frequently to increase the children’s exposure to the water.
  • We have great coaches to teach your kids to swim and they are as patient as you would train them yourself and this is our certification that has made a huge amount of progress since we started swimming lessons in our center.

One of the most important specialized trainers in our center is Captain Ahmed Al-Atawna.

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Swimming lessons for girls – Swimming club for girls

Swimming lessons for girls One of the things that concern us the most in searching for it is to secure our daughters and put them in safe hands to teach them to swim in a correct way.

Girls and children can learn to swim at different ages, starting from the age of months to the age of puberty.

Features of Free Dive Swimming Club

  1. We have specialized trainers for girls with special clothes for girls to teach them to swim in a safe way.
  2. We at the Children’s Swimming Academy in Istanbul Free Dive teach children the skill of swimming, develop their skills, and acquire many fun movements, in addition to spending fun times for the child during the period of learning to swim without any boredom.
  3. We carefully follow the government’s guidelines in order to secure the appropriate environment for your child to learn swimming in the best swimming club for children and at the hands of the best specialized experts.
  4. You can follow and watch your child in our learning times to swim as we offer many swimming lessons for children and how we can help your little ones love the water and we pride ourselves on being the best possible place to learn swimming for your children.
  5. We have a staff of dedicated and experienced instructors who are qualified to provide swimming lessons for children aged 3 months and above.
  6. We also follow a special program on how to teach swimming to children and teach the basics of swimming in a fun and safe way, in accordance with the structure and curriculum of our swimming center course for children.
  7. We offer different courses for children and beginners (Dolphin Silver, Dolphin Diamond, Dolphin Platinum)
  8. In our Free Dive center, we provide all levels of beginner, intermediate and professional swimming lessons.

The most important frequently asked questions about teaching swimming for children

At what age do children start swimming lessons at Free Dive Club?

Our specialized and experienced instructors are qualified to provide swimming lessons for children aged 3 months to puberty. We follow an academic program to teach your children the basics of swimming in a fun and safe way, in accordance with the structure and curriculum of our center courses.

Why should your child learn to swim?

Swimming is a skill that stays with a child forever and in addition our swimming pools are used by athletes and beginners alike, so giving kids the opportunity to swim can be the beginning of a new passion and a way to keep fit that they enjoy for life.

Why should you teach your children to swim at the Free Dive Club?

We, at Free Dive Center, provide all the special equipment and supplies for swimming, designed for children that help them enjoy learning to swim, in addition to that we are committed to all health and professional matters to complete the process of teaching swimming in our center.


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