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Swimming lessons for childrenOur swimming lessons are a great way to learn to swim or a way to improve your child’s style. Where we offer a range ofSwimming lessons for adults and children From all ages.

Here in this article you will find everything you can know about lessons Swimming lessons for children Best award winning. From what’s available and how it works, to what’s included in each stage of a lessons programme Swimming lessons for children exactly.

Swimming training for kids

Are you looking for the best? Swimming club for kids?

We provide courses Swimming training for children Through swimming lessons where the lessons Swimming lessons for children We have to suit all abilities, from beginners to people who want to improve their swimming technique and develop their children’s skills, we also provide:

  1. We offer lessons in additional skills including diving, water safety and distance swimming.
  2. We track and record active swimming lessons. Each swimmer will be able to view their journey and chart their progress during the swimming lessons.
  3. The swimmer’s progress is updated every week by his personal trainer, and he determines the points he has earned.
  4. Your child’s progress is rewarded with new games, levels and challenges with his friends and classmates.
  5. At the Free Dive Center, we present 11 sets in stages Swimming lessons for kids Those aged four months and over.
  6. The center has a special swimming pool for beginners, so that they can start entering the water in a safe way.
  7. That all our teachers are qualified and competent toSwimming lessons for children and beginners Within the highest standards of professionalism and safety.
Swimming instructions for children

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The importance of teaching swimming for children

Swimming has many physical benefits for children as you keep your child active and fit to support all the major physical developments that swimming encourages.

The importance of teaching swimming to children lies in:

  1. Swimming improves the child’s activity by stimulating their blood circulation, and helps them relax.
  2. Building Confidence in Your Children in Water We use repetition often in our lessons to help infants and young children understand essential safety skills to develop their confidence in water.
  3. Our swimming instruction for children supports their cognitive development so that they can retain the information they learn in their lessons.
  4. Practicing these skills inside and outside of lessons also supports the child’s memory and development of skills. Maintaining a routine of going to lessons also contributes to their learning and understanding of the skills taught in the lessons.
  5. Swimming stimulates the abilities of children with special needs and reduces their hyperactivity by releasing excess energy. In addition to the development of their motor performance.
  6. Swimming helps obese children lose extra weight.
Swimming instructions for children

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Methods of teaching swimming for children

Is characterized by Methods of teaching swimming for children We have it complete and adequate and these lessons are intended to provide your child with their first water experience along with precise guidance.

  • Instructions are provided swimming for kids Through songs, games and support to prepare the child to enter the water.
  • We aim to enhance their confidence in the water, while providing a social environment for both parents and children.
  • We use special equipment to teach swimming for children in our center (board, swimming tires, children’s toys)
  • We offer private lessons to teach swimming for girls of all ages and ages, with private coaches
  • When the child reaches 19 months, he is encouraged to start an independent water movement and sit at the edge of the pool with his body extended inside the water, until he leads to swimming alone and finally performs the first stage of swimming lessons until they reach classes for children of three years old.
  • You can participate in swimming courses (Silver Dolphin, Dolphin Gold)
Swimming instructions for children

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Swimming gear names for kids

One of the things that must be taken into account when starting to teach children to swim is special swimming clothes and tools, which are of great benefit to ensuring the child’s safety and his sense of safety in the aquarium.

We offer our visitors in the center many important swimming tools for children, including:

Or not: Swimming vest, where this tool is very suitable for children in the early stages of learning to swim at a certain age.

Secondly: Floats are one of the important tools that a child must use at the beginning of his entry into the pool.

Third: The safety ring is one of the common tools when teaching children to swim.

Fourthly: Swimming belt and these tools are used when coming to teach swimming in deep places. In addition to swimming board, fin, goggles and air tube.

What are the purposes of swimming for children

Swimming is one of the things that the child must bring with him on a permanent basis, and the most important of these items are:

  1. Swimwear (May) which is suitable for children’s clothing
  2. A special towel for the child to use after leaving the pool.
  3. Swimming cap plus swimming goggles
  4. And a special carrying bag to put all the baby’s things.

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Types of swimming for children

6-month-olds probably won’t learn to swim, per se, but they will gain initial skills and comfort with the water to prepare them for success later as a baby learns to swim “just like many babies learn to walk before they learn to crawl, children in a pool learn to kick and paddle before Learn swimming.

We work in our center to teach children a lot of movements in addition to the types of swimming, including:

  • Free swimming.
  • Breaststroke swimming.
  • Back swimming.
  • Butterfly swimming.
  • Side swimming.

It is possible that your child may not be proficient in these swimming at first, but at first it is accepting his entry into the water and then kicking and rowing.

The most important frequently asked questions about teaching swimming for children

What are the advantages of teaching swimming for children?

Swimming skills for children give them the ability to enter the water and return to the surface, control breathing, buoyancy, turn, move to a safe place in the water and exit.

What safety measures do we recommend at Free Dive?

In our center, we take into account the most important safety standards for your children, as we:
Ensure that the water is clean, warm and suitable for children
Children are not allowed to walk on the edge of the pool unaccompanied.
We have a dedicated medical team equipped with all the equipment for ambulance cases
We provide our children with all the requirements for the safety of the child, not in the water.

When do lessons start Swimming Instructions For Kids in our center?

We are working on starting infant swimming lessons when the baby is around 6 months old and studies have found that babies around 8 months old start to develop a perception of fear, so if they are already aware of being in the water by then, that would be even better.


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