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cruises In Turkey, it is one of the most attractive things for tourists and most people are looking for programs for fun cruises, rich in activities and parties, to enjoy the holiday and spend quality time with the family.

Through the cruise programs in Turkey, you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in the lap of nature, enjoy coffee on the sea breeze, visit the mountains, and simply merge with nature.

The most important cruise tours in Turkey

Istanbul contains thousands of tourist attractions that tourists flock to visit. In it, you find nature, beauty and history in every landmark you visit.

It is the most important cruises Which can be visited in one day are:

1. princesses island

Princesses Island consists of 9 islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara from the Asian side of Istanbul, about an hour and a half away from it.

The island contains a large number of archaeological monuments, in addition to a lively atmosphere, in addition to majestic views of historical castles and palaces.

It is also distinguished by the presence of a number of old historical buildings, such as the Hamidiya Mosque, which was built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and a small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, located in the yard of the Naval Academy.

2. Sapanca Istanbul

It is one of the cities that enjoy beautiful nature and wonderful and attractive landscapes, as it contains a large number of activities and events that can be spent in this city.

3. Bosphorus cruise

Through the Bosphorus cruise, you will see most of Istanbul’s wonderful landmarks on the banks of the Bosphorus, such as:

In addition to enjoying dinner programs, Arab dance and folkloric dance such as the sword and shield dance, the bride’s henna and the Caucasus dance, in addition to standing in special places for swimming and diving with a trained crew.


Do not miss the opportunity to spend a cruise with swimming in the city of Fethiye – Marmaris

Features of cruises in Turkey

Features cruises In Turkey, it is wonderful and useful for people who suffer from the pressures of life, as it is possible to spend special times and unforgettable moments.

The comprehensive Istanbul cruise is one of the most beautiful trips, as it combines ancient history with modern tourist attractions, and during the trip you will be able to see the most important landmarks of the city.

Among the most important features cruises:

  1. Spend a good time with friends or family in a fun atmosphere.
  2. Relax and release some stress and enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze.
  3. Watching the nature views of the city and breathing in the sea air that helps to relax and rest.
  4. Take a one-day tour inside the yacht and learn about the marine landmarks of Istanbul.
  5. Visit the Girl’s Tower and learn about it and take some special souvenirs.
  6. We present within cruises Events and activities in addition to special drinks and dinner parties.
  7. We offer a sumptuous dinner which is a mixture of oriental and western cuisine with a main course of meat, whether it is meat or chicken.
  8. There are also many surprises and souvenirs for guests, and the best performances of Iraqi and Gulf artists.

Don’t miss the chance to try the Fethiye mountain parachute

Cruise activities

Many events can be held that will make these parties special and wonderful, and we hold many parties on board the ships, such as:

  • You will see the best dance parties on board the ship, as well as folklore shows, authentic Arab evenings, and a number of interesting performances as well, such as the Arab henna and the war dance inspired by the time of Ertugrul, and the Ottoman military peace, in addition to a full tour of the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Engagement parties inside the yacht and through special programs.
  • Apply for marriage or engagement on board the ship and through a special party.
  • Children’s birthday parties or birthday parties for adults.
  • Anniversary or engagement parties on board the yacht at any time you wish.
  • Farewell evenings for visitors and tourists or a special evening for married couples with dinner, parties and fun programs.
  • Writing the names of married couples and lovers on the Bosphorus bridge.
  • Luxurious dinner on board with ambiance and folklore parties.

Don’t miss the chance to try Marmaris Water Parachute

The most frequently asked questions about Istanbul cruises

What are the features of a deep dive cruise?

We are distinguished by providing you with an enjoyable trip program and spending special times and moments
The program starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm, and there are flights at all times.
The program is held in the Mediterranean region and includes a meal and several stops for swimming in historical and distinctive places.
We believe in coming and going with the latest comfortable modern cars to and from your residence.

Are there evening cruises?

Yes, in our center, we provide an evening cruise to enjoy watching the Bosphorus Bridge at night, in addition to the landmarks of Istanbul and its wonderful pearls.

What activities do we provide on cruises?

Special times can be spent on our cruises, engagement parties, wedding anniversaries and birthdays, in addition to writing names on the Bosphorus Bridge and other activities that you can learn about.

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جولات بحرية