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Did you know that Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations around the world for diving? It has a beautiful and charming nature that has made it the focus of the attention of many lovers of diving in the depths of the sea, discovering and identifying treasures buried under the water.

How do you think that we take you on a tour through the center deep dive To get to know the bestDiving places in Turkey What are the features that distinguish each of them separately.

The best places to practice diving tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best tourist countries that provide this sport, which has always attracted the attention of many lovers of adventure, thrill and knowledge of the unknown, but have you ever wondered what are the reasons that prompted Turkey to become one of the countries famous for this sport?

In fact, there are many reasons, including the available modern technologies that help free-diving athletes, in addition to Turkey’s view of the most important seas that contain many treasures dating back to the past centuries.

Not to mention the beauty and blue of its waters and charming sandy beaches. And do not forget to mention the most important centers that help to Learn scuba diving which is the center deep dive The most famous and best to include a group of the most skilled trainers around the world.

Diving places in Turkey

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The best diving places in Turkey

1- Kalkan City (Kalakan)

The city of Kalkan is one of the best cities to practice diving, especially for beginners, because of its shallow waters that help beginner divers to dive in sufficient depths to help them learn about diving in an easy and distinctive way.

The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea, west of the governorate. It is a distinct tourist destination to attract tourists, especially diving enthusiasts, as it offers them a distinctive and interesting diving experience that helps them see different marine organisms such as sea turtles and fish of different shapes, in addition to colorful marine plants.

2- Kemer

Kemer is one of the tourist cities on the Mediterranean coast. It is located in the province of Antalya, about 40 km from its center, and enjoys a wonderful, mild summer climate and warm winter.

The city is famous for its high-end and luxurious tourist resorts, sandy beaches surrounded by mountains and charming green hills.

Kemer is one of the best tourist areas that enable you to exercise scuba diving In it, where the deep sea contains shipwrecks dating back to previous wars, in addition to practicing sports Fishing.

In addition to a group of diverse fish and beautiful colorful coral reefs, not to mention the presence of hidden underwater caves.

3- Mugla ili

Mugla is located in southwestern Turkey and is the center of Mugla Province, which stretches on the coast of the Turkish Aegean Sea Diving places in Turkey Which is very popular, and is characterized by its mild climate in all seasons of the year.

Mugla also has many picturesque tourist cities that are famous for the charm of their nature and the beauty of their beaches, such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye.

It is one of the most famous Turkish cities and is very popular with foreign tourists because it contains more than 52 distinct areas for diving.

It offers a great opportunity to see many sharks, dolphins, seals and a lot of animal diversity that will fascinate underwater divers in the Marmaris region, in addition to a large group of ancient ruins that you can not help but be amazed when you see them.

Diving in Turkey

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4- Ayvalik city (Ayvalık)

The tourist city of Ayvalik is located in northwest Turkey, overlooking the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara, surrounded by a group of islands, sandy beaches and wonderful bays. It also contains a group of the most important monuments, which are among the most admired by tourists Diving in the water.

Therefore, a visit to the city of Ayvalik is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you can have, where you can dive in its beaches to see the wonderful marine life that is under the water, and you can see precious stones in addition to various fish located at a depth of 19 meters.

5- Kaş City

Kas is at the forefront of the best Diving places in Turkeydue to the presence of many wonderful features and the diversity of marine life and coral reefs with vibrant and colorful scenes.

Located in the south of the Mediterranean region, the Turkish city of Kas is a charming coastal tourist town where many sailing boats dock in its small harbor.

Not to mention a group of distinctive-style coffins located at the beginning of the road that descends to the port, a symbol of this beautiful town.

Tourists are attracted to it because of its beautiful sunny beaches. Kas is one of the best diving sites in Turkey. It has many unique possibilities that guarantee its visitors a wonderful dive to watch the marine life under the water.

6- Mersin City (MARSIN)

Mersin is one of the most beautiful tourist cities dedicated toDiving in Turkey It is located in southern Turkey and overlooks the Mediterranean coast and is one of the most famous diving sites in Turkey

It is characterized by charming clear waters and golden sandy beaches, as well as many interesting diving sites, most of which are located around the coast.

Also of interest are a number of sunken cargo ships dating back thousands of years at the western tip of Dana Island and the submerged island northwest of Sancak Bay, with large ancient oil jars that have made Mersin a popular diving resort.

Moreover, the deep sea in Mersin includes a group of coral reefs, colored stones, submerged caves and various marine creatures that help you practice sports free diving Bahriya, therefore, Mersin city is an attractive area for tourists due to its fun and interesting experience.

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The most important frequently asked questions about diving places in Turkey

What are the advantages of diving in Turkey?

The Turkish coast is one of the cleanest seas in the world in addition to its transparent and blue waters
Diving trips are characterized by specialized trainers and supervisors with professional divers
Diving suits are provided with high quality diving equipment
The prices are suitable for everyone and the cost is low
The best diving places in Turkey for free diving and scuba diving.

Are there diving training centers in Istanbul?

The city of Istanbul includes the Free Dive Center, which specializes in teaching swimming and diving, the best trainers to teach diving in the depths professionally and in a short time using the latest modern technologies.

What is the cost of diving in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the tourist countries where the cost of tourism is low, which allows many tourists to practice all marine activities and enjoy its beaches through the most important resorts and hotels.

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