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European beaches of Istanbul One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as it is characterized by a mild climate, clear weather and golden sunshine, not to mention the beauty and charm of its sands and crystal waters.

Many Arab and foreign tourists head to Istanbul to spend their summer vacation due to the city’s richness in many distinctive and archaeological attractions, in addition to its inclusion of many charming natural areas.

If you are looking for the most beautiful European beaches of Istanbul Continue reading the article with us to learn about the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul through the Free Dive Center.

Where is Istanbul located?

Istanbul is located in the Marmara region, in the northwest of Turkey. One of the most distinguishing features of Istanbul is that it is located on the continents of Europe and Asia at the same time. It is made up of two parts, East Asian and Western European, separated by the Bosphorus Strait, which made it combine the magic of East and West together.

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world because it contains a large number of tourist attractions, entertainment venues and civilizations rich in Ottoman antiquities, mosques, churches and markets dating back to the past centuries.

Istanbul beaches

The most beautiful beaches of European Istanbul

The beaches are one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul, which occupies a special place on the coast of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara and is classified as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey, with its beautiful nature, pleasant temperate climate, charming and pure beaches, in addition to practicing all activities and water sports such as swimming andfree diving And theFishing.

First: Dalian Beach

Prepare Dalian Beach One of the most beautiful beaches in the wonderful city of Istanbul, which is located in the district of Demirciköy, overlooking the Black Sea near the entrance to the Bosphorus on the European side of the city.

The Dalyan coast was opened in 2002 by the Istanbul municipality, and the coast contains a number of playgrounds, restaurants and cafes, as well as many entertainments. There are also many umbrellas on the beach where you can do an activity swimming Or diving in the depths to see the marine creatures present in the area.

The coast is also characterized by the presence of places dedicated to reading books, amid the tranquility of the magnificent beach and its charming atmosphere.

  • Address: Demirci Mahallesi, Kilyos Yolu, 34450 Sarıyer
  • How to reach: The beach is between Kilios and Demirje, and you can use any bus that goes to Kilios.
  • Cost: 25 TL on weekdays, 30 TL on weekends.
  • Working hours: from 8 am to 6 pm.
European beaches of Istanbul

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Second: Büyük Ada Beach

Buyukada Beach is located on the European side of Istanbul in Kadikoy district which is one of the most popular summer destinations in Istanbul. The beach was created by filling a small bay with sand and stones in 1921. It was previously called Kadıköy Körfezi.

Buyukada Beach is about 7 kilometers long, and stretches just north of Kadikoy Port. It accommodates 2000 people at a time and offers various recreational activities such as sunbathing, swimming, volleyball, windsurfing and many more.

European beaches of Istanbul

Third: Kınalı Ada Beach

It is a modern beach that was recently established in Istanbul. It is the first of its kind in Istanbul and the only one on the European side as it is designed to resemble a traditional Mediterranean village with cobbled streets, traditional houses and a small harbor.

The beach has been open since July 2017 and has become popular with locals because it offers free parking, free Wi-Fi, shaded areas with benches and tables, playgrounds including children’s swings, dressing rooms and free bathrooms.

European beaches of Istanbul

Fourth: Burç Beach

Burke Beach is one of the most beautiful European beaches of Istanbul for the Bosphorus, where the Burke coast is located in the Gümüşdere region within the Sarıyer region, close to the vast Belgrade forests.

Burç İstanbul Beach overlooks the Black Sea, and its length is about 2 km. It has many cafés and parking lots. The beach can be reached by buses that stop at Burç İskele.

European beaches of Istanbul

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Fifth: Kilyos Beach

Kilios Beach overlooks the Black Sea shore within the Sarıyer area on the European side, 30 km from the center of Istanbul. The beach offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the Black Sea in the summer with its clean coast and golden sands.

It is one of Istanbul’s famous sandy beaches with places for barbecue, and you can also practice your distinctive hobbies such as swimming, diving in the water, playing on the beach or lying on the sand and enjoying the charming sunshine.

European beaches of Istanbul

Sixth: Florya Güneş Beach

Located Florya Beach On the side of the European city of Istanbul, and within the prestigious Florya district, which is one of the most famous European beaches of Istanbul, where Florya Beach has received special attention by foreign tourists because of its location near many important commercial malls and hotels, in addition to its proximity to Ataturk Airport, which has been suspended recently. .

Those looking for beaches near Istanbul will find their destination in Florya Beach near the famous Atakuri and Bakirkoy district. The coastal strip in Florya has a breathtaking view of the Marmara Sea, with the possibility of seeing the mountains of Yalova State at the other end of the beach when the weather is clear.

Florya Beach provides an enjoyable atmosphere to enjoy various marine sports on its abundant beach. Florya Beach is one of the closest beaches equipped for swimming to the city center, and one of the most suitable beaches in Istanbul for families.

  • Address: Şenlikköy, Florya Sahil Parkı, 34153 Bakırköy
  • How to reach: Take the metro to Florya station at a distance of 400 meters you will see the entrance to the beach.
  • Cost: 15 Turkish lira.
European beaches of Istanbul

Seventh: Tarabay Beach

Tarabya Beach has the most beautiful and charming view of the Bosphorus Strait in the northern European section of Istanbul. The beach is characterized by its soft sand and turquoise waters that attract you to swim and enjoy the most beautiful times with family or friends. There are also many luxury hotels and restaurants that serve the most delicious ancient Turkish cuisine.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is the climate of Istanbul?

The climate in Istanbul is described as a Mediterranean climate or a Mediterranean climate, which is hot and dry in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter.

When is the best time to visit Istanbul?

The period from March to May, and from September to November, are the best times to visit and enjoy the city of Istanbul, as it witnesses spring in those months, during which the city enjoys mild weather

What are the best beaches for families?

The best beaches for families are those that offer a lot of services, such as lifeguards, restrooms, and food vendors. The best beaches are often crowded with people and there is a lot of noise. The best beaches for families are not necessarily the best or most beautiful. Some people prefer to visit beaches that are less crowded and have natural beauty and no services. While others prefer to visit beaches that have services such as food stalls and baths.

Are there beaches for women in Istanbul?

1. Sayer Al Tankum Beach
2. Florya Minicchi Beach
3. Poyraz Koi Beach


What Are The Best Beaches In Istanbul?


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